16 01 2008

Just want to welcome everyone to my official blog. I hope to post regularly throughout the course of the season as well as have giveaways of little things I acquire along the way.



76 responses

16 01 2008

hey Phil. Matt here from your website, thought i’d register to your blog.

16 01 2008

Well Phil, I cannot wait to hear all you have to say on this blog. It is too bad that you are shutting down your site. BTW- the username there is river_wolf, but it was taken thru this company already.

Good Luck in 2008 and I look forward to hearing from you here.

16 01 2008

just registered from your website 🙂

…can’t wait to start reading!

16 01 2008

Hey. zellyanks91 here. Thanks for making this blog so we can see what your up to during the season.

16 01 2008

Hey Phil-

Look forward to following this blog!

16 01 2008

Congrats on the new blog and good luck this year. former sn was moosefan35

16 01 2008

Hi Phil,
Glad that you are still a Yankee. I am really looking forward to cheering for you, in Pinstripes, for a very long time

16 01 2008

Yeaaaah, Phil. Keep up the good work (in NY and nowhere else of course). The iYankees Blog supports keeping Phil Hughes in NY.


16 01 2008

Hi Phil,
I run Paul O’Neill’s official website and work very closely with his brother Paul… if you need any help at all with your blog or any future website, please contact me and I’d more than happy to help you out: sean@pauloneill21.com
Good luck in 2008!


17 01 2008

Hi, Phil. Hope to see some straight-from-the-heart blog comments from you, rather than a series of baseball cliches. Thanks.

Is it just me and my browser, or are your background/headings/column margins a bit off kilter?

17 01 2008

hey, its bigphillystyle from the forum. just wanted to say hi to everyone keeping in contact on here, and wish phil the best of luck in 08!

17 01 2008

Hey guys this is Bobby (yankeeman7 from PH.net) just checking out the new blog. PH.net will be missed!

PS Good luck Phil, I hope Tampa goes good for you. No injuries this year!

17 01 2008

karen, Phil’s comments are stretching the screen, everyone elses are appearing normally. I dont know if it how both of us have our browsers set up or not.

16 01 2008

Visit: http://38pitches.com/ – read.

As long as you do exactly the opposite of what this man does with his blog, all will be good.

Looking forward to hearing more from you & seeing you this spring. Best of luck.


16 01 2008

good luck in the upcoming season.

16 01 2008

As a Yankee fan in New England (native Long Islander), I’m very happy to have you (still) on the team. I’m looking forward to watching you this season. Knock those Sox out this year and bring home #27!

16 01 2008


Can’t wait for the season to start, it’s going to be amazing! Enjoy Tampa while you can, though, some of us are freezing in the snow upstate…

Oh, and blogs are addicting. Just a (slight) warning.

Hope you don’t mind if put a link to this blog on mine =)

16 01 2008

Glad you are still here Phil. Sure hope you’re sticking around.

16 01 2008

Hey Phil. Huge fan of yours here followed you from the start and look forward to seeing you help lead this staff. Great game against cleveland in the playoffs, thanks.

Im the same age as you and played college football, couldnt imagine how it must feel to be in your shoes.

16 01 2008

Hey Phil! Huge fan, I’m so excited to keep up with your blog… hope you’re enjoying Tampa while we wait up here in the cold for you guys to show up at the end of March

16 01 2008

welcome to blogland phil. I will add you to my blogroll. Feel free to check out my blog as well. Yankeesmuse.blogspot.com

16 01 2008
Mischa G.

Hey Phil. Very cool of you to do this. I was lucky enough to be able to see your first start with the big club. I watched was over in left watching you warm up before the game with Kei throwing on the side. All of us have a great deal of faith in you and wish you all the best. Good health and good luck and looking forward to hearing what you have to share.

16 01 2008


Great to see you on the blogosphere, but mostly it’s great to see you’re still in pinstripes. As you probably noticed, every Yankee fan and their mother wants you in a Yankees uniform for a long time.

Bronx Liaison has and will continue to support the Phranchise


16 01 2008

Hey Phil,

I am looking forward to seeing what you can bring to the blog. Good luck in the season ahead.


16 01 2008

welcome to the internets phil.

very excited about the blog

16 01 2008

Hi Phil …

Great personal ending to the season for you…September and Playoffs….just pick up where you left off this year and everyone will be saying …Santana Who??

I can’t wait for the season to start …Go Yankees 2008 !!!!!

16 01 2008

Good luck on your blog and the season.

16 01 2008


Your near no-hitter last year was one of the best pitched games I’ve seen in the last decade. Unfortunate you got hurt, but it sure made me look forward to your return. And you didn’t disappoint. Looking forward to seeing you pitch a full year in pinstripes.

Best of luck to you in Tampa and New York. Here’s one lifelong Yankee fan who’s really pulling for you to do well! Peace.

16 01 2008

hey Phil, nice blog. Hope you have a great 2008 and remain a yankee.

16 01 2008

Great news Phil, can’t wait to see you guys in Toronto this season. Go Yanks!

16 01 2008

This blog is a little confusing …I posted but my comment was put toward the center instead of the end ….seems the comments aren’t in the order they are made but stuck in randomly.

I’m sure it will all work out eventually …I’ve never had a blog so I guess you have to work out the kinks…

I’m looking forward to a bird’s eye view of the season from you ….Phil. Best of luck …get that no no this year !!!

Go Yankees 2008 !!!!!

17 01 2008

Saw Pete Abraham’s link to your blog, Phil. Pretty cool… Good luck this year, let’s see some more of what we saw in the playoffs, filthy!

17 01 2008

Hey Phil the thrill. I’ve been following your career for the past few years and just wanted to say that I’m excited as hell to see you get to start off the year in pinstripes and see what you’re capable of. You’re going to have a hell of a year. How often do you look at trade rumor blogs or websites? I’m sure you try really hard to ignore it but come on, you’re only human. Enjoy the little time off you have right now before spring training! – Ben

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,great to see you’re going to keep us all up to date on all that is going on with you. I can’t tell you how glad my co-workers and I are to still have you in pinstripes.I saw you pitch in A and AA and have been drooling for you to get to the big show and strut your stuff.We all bought the “Save Our Three” shirts off the River Ave Blues site and we wear them proud and loud.I know you’re going to have a great year this season and you’ll be every bit the ace that guy from Minnesota is.Good luck and I look forward to your blogs and comments.(watch that arm angle)

17 01 2008

Very impressive getting down to Tampa, already. Lots of readers over at RAB and Bronx Banter were pretty impressed by your work ethic and commitment.

I also made it to The Stadium for your debut. Looking forward to watching you on the mound plenty more – hopefully, through October. And definitely in Pinstripes.

17 01 2008

Hey Phil – Wolf from clubbronx.com here. Congrats on launching the blog and getting some R&R in with the family. I’m among those that are amped to see you not get traded – best of luck and health in ’08!


17 01 2008

hey i look forword to reading your blog thanks for being a yankee!

17 01 2008

good luck phil. looking forward to both your blog and yankee career!

17 01 2008

You rule Phil. Good luck with the 2008 season, you’re gonna be amazing. You’re a great player and I hope and pray you stay a Yankee for a long, long time.

17 01 2008

Phil, It was a pleasure to have seen your masterful 6 1/3 innings here in Texas in June. My buddy and I can attest first hand that you had some sick stuff that night- and that you need to stay right here at home in the Pinstripes. Best wishes in 2008 and beyond with the Yanks! -NY Fan in TX

17 01 2008

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17 01 2008

Hi Phil!

I just wanted to say thank you for your website and starting this blog; it’s wonderful that you are still accessible to fans. I’m sorry for all the trade rumors – it must be hard on you and your family, even though this is a business. Just know that most fans do not want you going anywhere, even for Santana. We want to watch you become our own homegrown ace and wear the pinstripes for many years to come.

Good luck in the coming year – I know you are going to be fantastic!

17 01 2008

Good Morning Phil……..wishing you the very best in o8 and beyond……..as a Yankee fan for over 40 years, wanted to welcome you aboard, to the greatest franchise in professional sports…..but the main reason for this post is I wanted to pass along my heartfelt thanks for signing a baseball for my grandson last year, in spring training……meant alot to my grandson, and to me, because you went out of your way to sign a ball, when my grandson wasn’t having much luck getting anyone to sign his ball……once again, thank you…..best of luck this year, and bring the fans a World Championship……..in closing, thank you for your blog….great job.

17 01 2008

I’m looking forward to reading, Phil.

What I’m looking forward to even more is the upcoming season, and the fact that you’re my number four starting pitcher in my fantasy league. I’m counting on you ;).

17 01 2008

Good luck this year, this looks like fun!

17 01 2008

Phil– you the man. Way to get to camp early and start working out and prepping for the season. Glad to hear you aren’t letting all those Johan Santana rumors getting to you.

Way to go Franchise, we’re in your corner in Rockland, Maine!!!

17 01 2008

38pitches has nothing on you.

The Boogie Down loves ya Phil.



17 01 2008

Good luck this year Phil. I hope the Yanks let this Santana nonsense go. I look forward to seeing you pitch in pinstripes for many seasons to come.


17 01 2008

Hey PeeJ,

Good luck this season and I can’t wait for this season to start and have you in Pinstripes!

I’ve got you pegged for 12-14 wins this year and that should be easy money for you!

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,

Great to see you have a blog now. I’ll be keeping up. I just want to say that I was at ALDS Game 3, and your relief performance that game was pretty much the only highlight of the Yanks’ 2007 postseason. Things were tense when you came in for Roger, but you did a great job of picking up the team that night. Thanks for the win. Can’t wait to see you in ’08.

17 01 2008

Great to have you on the team Phil.
Look forward to seeing pitch in the pinstripes in 08 and long thereafter….

17 01 2008

Hey Phil i look foward to hearing about what you have to say about baseball. I am glad you are a yankee and i hope you stay with us. This will be a breakout year for you.

17 01 2008

Hey Phil, glad that it appears your here to stay, I would have hated to see you go. Look forward to watching you pitch this year, as well as reading this blog. Good luck and bring number 27 back home….

17 01 2008

Mr. Hughes,
A pleasure to see you with a blog. I am happy you’re still a Yankee, and not a Twin. I look forward to a breakout year for you and the boys!

17 01 2008

Good Luck on your blog and as a Yank. I’ll be reading a lot of you comments, etc. Make em’ good. Good Luck.

17 01 2008

It is so cool – and so weird – that the players I am following so hard are people my age. 🙂

Go Phil, go; I’ll be following this blog for as long as it goes. Work hard and do well!

17 01 2008


17 01 2008

Phil–good luck at your blog! I hope you stay with the Yankees–we don’t need Johan! Also check out yankeesfuture.wordpress.com–we mention you there

17 01 2008

Phil, how’s that changeup looking?? lol

I’ve been fighting the good fight for you over at newsday’s yankee blog ( DRU ). I am a fierce supporter of keeping you. Ive compared your stats to every great Ace this league has seen over the past 30 years, you are right there with them. Just keep your head down, work hard and good things will happen. Good luck this season, cant wait to see you in pinstripes for the next 15-20 years!!!!

17 01 2008

Love the new banner!!

17 01 2008

hey phil happy new year to you to. I can not believe it is almost time for u to report to spring training. Hope you Had a good time with your family.

Your Number One fan- Heather

17 01 2008

Welcome to world of blogs, Phil! I really look forward to seeing how and what you enter this year. May you wear the pinstripes forever.

And if you could add me to your links, that would be awesome.
My Pinstripes

Drew (aka Mantlemurcer)

17 01 2008

Heya, Phil! I’m glad that you’re a Yankee.

17 01 2008


It’s almost time to play ball, right? I am so tired of all the rumors. Good luck with the ’08 season. As a die hard Yankee fan living in Ohio, it is great to be able to follow your career this way.

Go Bombers!

18 01 2008


Looking for a very BIG year from you, now that you are healthy. And a BIG year in PINSTRIPES, not that ugly Twinkie uniform. All the best.

18 01 2008

Hey, Phil! Just read about you starting up a blog on another site and had to come over here and tell you that I hope you continue to stay a Yankee and think you’ve been a good asset for the team. Always great to have the ‘homegrown’ Yanks and let’s keep it that way! Looking forward to the insight and just you sharing your thoughts on anything with us. It’s great that you are doing this!

20 01 2008

Phil, I think its great that you’ve allow your fans to have a way to communicate with you. As one of your biggest supporters, having followed your entire minor league career. I know you’ll have great success as a Yankee… Show’em what you got this coming season.

Lets get that 27th.. whooooaaaaaa!

20 01 2008

I`m a huge YANKEE FAN,so I love you all!!!!!

21 01 2008

Hey,Phil.I come from Taiwan.Yes, I come from the same place with Chien-ming Wang.I watch most of Yankee’s games in Taiwan.You are one of my favorite players.I look forward to having more your news and your excellent performance.
I probably will go to Yankees Stadium to watch your games this year.But I have to stay in California for a while and then go to New York(I guess).I really really hope I can watch your game.

Phil,Phil,go go go!!

21 01 2008

hey! I am from Taiwan too. I like you too. You are great!

21 01 2008

Hey Phil I just heard of your blog and wanted to say good luck on the upcoming season.

22 01 2008

Phil. Not another blog I will have to now keep in my favorites.

22 01 2008

Great to see you pick up a blog to replace your site. Glad to see the trade rumors start to leave your name out. Look forward to a much younger staff this year that has a few games under their belts. good luck!

24 01 2008

Just found out about this site. Thanks Robert!
Good Luck on 2008!
You are the Best, Phil!


21 02 2008

Yankee picture day pics on on getty images.

26 02 2008

[…] January 16, 2008, Phil Hughes officially entered the blogosphere with this entry: Just want to welcome everyone to my official blog. I hope to post regularly throughout the course […]

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