The Offseason, Holidays, and Family

17 01 2008

This offseason has definitely been my most interesting so far. Trade rumors are something that kind of come with being a baseball player, but are somewhat of a double-edged sword. It’s nice that other teams think highly of me, but I’m very happy staying right here. 

I had the opportunity this winter to go back to California and spend the holidays with my family. Being away from everyone for 8 months of the year can take its toll so it was nice to just relax and get some home cooking. A late happy new year to everyone!

dsc00260.jpg Dad, Mom, and 2 sisters 



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17 01 2008

Happy new year to you! I’ll be keeping up with the blog. Remember to always respect jeter’s gangster.


Fernando Alejandro

17 01 2008

nice man its finally nice to meet the Hughe’s, I Think I know plenty about Joba and his dad by now. Enjoy your time off

17 01 2008

phil just so you know the majority of us yankee fans don’t want to see you traded, we’d like nothing more than to see you on the mound opening day in the new stadium

17 01 2008

Phil I see I am not the only one up late in tampa! I hope I don’t see you at Mas Venus.. I’ll think your following me! (joking: I don’t go to those places)

17 01 2008


Congratulations on the new blog. It’s a nice companion to your official site. Will be following and rooting for you all season long and good luck at spring training. We’re behind you 100%!

Jason – My Baseball Bias

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,

The whole nation of Yankee fans wants you to play your entire career as a Yankee. I look forward to watching you, Joba, and IPK wearing the pinstripes and leading this organization to numerous World Series Championships. Have a healthy 2008, and I pray everyday the Yanks don’t trade you. It’s obvious how much you, Joba, and Ian mean to us Yankee fans. Can’t wait for 2008. Take care

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,

I left a comment on a different post and it got deleted…. essentially, I wanted to say that I’ve been following your career since your promotion from Charleston to Tampa in 2005, and I’m proud to be one of the first people on earth to own a Yankees #65 jersey. We all hope that you’re a Yankee forever.
Save the Big Three!


17 01 2008
Andrew Fletcher


I too commented on that other post.

Hopefully all the success you will have in your career happens in pinstripes! I can’t see you pitching for anyone else.


17 01 2008

Lovely family.

FWIW, most Yankees fans want you in pinstripes

17 01 2008
Benjamin Kabak

Welcome aboard, Phil. We’re big fans of you at River Ave. Blues.

17 01 2008

WE LOVE YOU PHIL!!!!!!!!!!! we’re all looking forward to seeing you on the mound in pinstripes next year – and I’ll be looking for you Feb 14 at Spring Training! Nice to meet the family, see you soon!!!!

17 01 2008

This is pretty cool. We should blow this up bigger than At least Phil’s blog won’t be so irritating. As for Phil, Happy New Year and good luck all season. It would be terrible for you to be traded. Can we start a petition? lol. Oh and kudos on Game 3, I loved every pitch.

17 01 2008

Great to see you’ve started a blog. Let me first say as a 26 year old life long Yankees fan that I’m thrilled you are still a Yankee and haven’t (yet, hopefully never) been sent to Minnesota. I am very excited to see you, Joba, IPK and Wang in our rotation for a long time. I just wanted to know we have a lot of love for you.

By the way, I loved reading that you bought a house in FL and are already working out at Tampa. That not only shows your maturity but your intelligence. Great job.

17 01 2008

Hey Phil I can’t agree more than everyone else here. I hope the Yanks come to their senses and keep you in Pinstripes. I camped out for Spring Training tix for the Yanks Twins Game here in Ft. Myers Fl and every Yanks fan I talked to felt the same way. Heres hoping you Joba, Ian, and are the start of the next Dynasty. The Boss needs to always remember pitching wins championships. Good Luck this spring Hope to get your sig this year.

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,

Lovin’ the blog so far!

Don’t fret about the trade rumors… of course everyone wants Hughsie, but so do the YANKS!

Can’t wait to see what you have to say as the season rolls on…

The Yankees Chick

17 01 2008

Its good that you interact so openly, and will help to grow a dedicated fan base. We want you and the other young guns to stay put. And look forward to a life long enjoyment in watching you success as a New York Yankee.
**** c(^_^)p – Please give Andy and Roger my support, I am in there corner big!!!
I am SWIFTYREAD at espn, and have plenty of material at my blog there ( ) and at the yesnetwork (Paddy).
Knowing you trained with Roger while injured, is there any chance at getting him back to NY?? Set up guy, or maybe the 6th (part timer)??? I think it would be awesome for him to close out the last year in the House of Ruth. Plus I know he could do help out in being a mentor as well.
Regardless, I can not wait to see you “kids” pitch this year. And would love to interview you for an article (I freelance on the side). What are your thoughts on Kennedy in the pen, Horne, McClintoch….I know you had a great performance in relief of Roger in the LDS…but we need you as a starter, along with Joba, **** PLEASE BRING IT HOME IN THE LAST YEAR OF RUTH FOR US PHIL!!!*** ROCK ON PLAYA!

17 01 2008

I can understand the two sides to being shopped but I know most Yankee fans have followed your career for years and have waited agonizingly for your time in the majors to arrive. I think collectively we only want to see you in pinstripes for many years to come.

17 01 2008

Hey Phil, I’m looking forward to reading what you have to write about, and I hope you remain a member of the Yankees. I’ve been following your career since you were drafted, so it has been so exciting to see you in the majors. Keep up the great work.

17 01 2008

Hey Phil. Love that you’re still with the Yankees. I know you probably don’t get too crazy about this stuff, but you should know that the Yankees fans have your back and want to see you start on this team next year. Santana is awesome, but I want to keep it in the family. Good luck next year. Your curveball is ridiculous.

17 01 2008

hey phil,
Hopefully you, joba, and wanger make up the top of our rotation for years to come. It is a fun experience watching you all pitch with the youth movement in the big apple these days. This year with the new rotation will be on track for number 27.

~johnny mac

17 01 2008

Phil, you and Joba are the future of the Yankees, no doubt. And I couldn’t be more excited.

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,
Great to see you started a blog. We will be loyal readers all year.

Lets go win a championship baby !!

17 01 2008

phil thats very nice thing………

17 01 2008

Minnesota is a great place to live…. But you know what, I live in California now, so maybe it wasn’t all that good.

Starting 2010 at the new Stadium in downtown Minnesota as the number 1 starter, now doesn’t that sound Great?

Good luck on your new Blog and hopefully a Very Long Career no matter where you end up!

17 01 2008

Phil, sorry about the trade rumors.

Please believe us when we say: If we had our choice, you’d be a Yankee forever.. we don’t want you traded. Please don’t forget that no matter what happens.

17 01 2008

Good luck this year and thanks for showing interest in keeping us fans informed.

17 01 2008

This is a great way to make a connection with the fans. I absolutely love the idea.

Good luck this year. I can’t wait to finally catch a start in person.

17 01 2008


Great to see you interacting with fans. It was a joy to watch you through the ups and downs last season, and you gave us our last great memory of 2007 with your fantastic performance in the playoffs.

We don’t want you going anywhere, not for Johan Santana, not for Sandy Koufax. We want you guys to grow and become the leaders of the greatest franchise in baseball for years to come.

17 01 2008

Hi Phil,

Good luck this year. I wish you good health and look forward to seeing what you can do over a full season. As a long-time Yankee fan it is great to see young guys like you come up through our system and make it big!
I hope you are pitching the day I come to Spring Training, because I haven’t had the opportunity to sse you or Joba pitch in person yet.
Best wishes,

17 01 2008

Trade rumors are tough but when you think about it it would be kind of an honor to be traded for Johan Santana. Its nice to be worth that much isn’t it. But I hope you stay in pinstripes anyhow.

17 01 2008


So happy that you are starting to blog. I was wondering if you could put my blog on the links section of your blog that would be great and of course we would do the same to you.


The Chuck Knoblog

17 01 2008

I’m a red sox fan but I can tell you that you are the best. Happy New Year to you and your family!

17 01 2008

yo phil

we fans love hearing info direct from the player, unfiltered… very cool.

jay –

17 01 2008

This is very cool. Hope you keep up with it. Good luck with this season, watch those hammys.

17 01 2008


Thanks for this site. I hope you realize what you are getting into. Yankees fans are a bit crazy when it comes to blogs. Good luck in ’08!

17 01 2008


Want some friendly advice from a former baseball reporter?

1) Be affable with the media. (Want a model? Watch old video and emulate David Cone.)

2) Do NOT read the papers however. Every columnist contradicts himself at least once a season. And to beat reporter, you’re only as good as your last outing. (Maybe your last two outing if the guy works for the NY Times.) Baseball writers talk about history all the time but their memories don’t extend beyond a week, two, at most.

3) More importantly, Do NOT under any circumstances listen to sports talk radio. You’ll never receive the affirmation you seek; the criticism you hear, 9 times out of 10, will be unconstructive and ill-informed. (The other 10% will be drowned out amid the noise.)

4) Praise the fans even when you hate them– no, especially when you hate them– most.

5) Feign ignorance on every subject but baseball; better yet, feign ignorance on every subject but pitching.

6) Make sure to mention, at least once a month, how honored you are to wear the pinstripes and to be a part of Yankees history, tradition, and pedigree.

7) Stay on Jeter’s good side. Great player, but a vindictive SOB. If you need advice from a veteran, talk to Mo.

8) The Manager is always right. And the Steinbrenners are the best owners in professional sports.

9) Find one guy on the team you not only like but would entrust with your dog, if not necessarily your wife.

10) Find some absorbing hobby that a) will occupy you enough to relax you; b) but not distract you entirely from the mental and physical preparation winning requires.

11) Stay away from the female groupies on the road, but especially those at home. If you have to take care of business, ask A-Rod where you can find something discreet. On second thought, Giambi might have a better grip on discretion, in this area.

12) Ever wonder about the right thing to do? Watch Curt Schilling and then do the opposite.

13) Don’t forget to enjoy yourself.

14) On one or more occasions, Ignore #1-13, but never #7 & #8.

17 01 2008


Glad to have you in Pinstripes! We’ll be cheering for you down here in North Carolina. Best of luck to you and the 2008 NY Yankees

17 01 2008

Phil– love the blog. Ol’ ‘Table for One’ ‘Red Light’ Schilling and his blog doesn’t hold a candle to this.

17 01 2008

Welcome to blogging Phil! I look forward to procrastinating at work while reading this blog throughout the season. Good luck this season, and can’t wait to see you in pinstripes for years to come! My user name on here is my gamertag on XBox. Hit me up on there for some Halo 3 or Call of duty action. Take care!

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,
Thanks for the Baseball, hope you have a awesome year be good

17 01 2008

Great idea, Phil. Looking forward to visiting your site. I’ll put a link up on my blog (

17 01 2008

I’m pleased you’ve got a blog and I’m pleased it looks like you won’t be traded. I saw you pitch earlier this year when I travelled to New York and like most Yankees I had been waiting for your big-league debut for some time.

I hope you are able to find the time to keep the blog updated! Cheers.

17 01 2008


I’m really looking forward to ’08 – let Joba have the hype..I think you are the goods!

Thanks for keeping us, the fans, informed!

I hope Cash wins the current power struggle and you stay a Yankee for life!


17 01 2008


In case it wasn’t blatantly obvious by the fact that I started a blog with the express purpose of keeping you in pinstripes, I’d just like to reiterate my appreciation for what you’ve done so far and I’m very much looking forward to watching you continue to grow during what we all know will be an outstanding Yankee career.


Save Phil Hughes

17 01 2008

Philly boy, gotta say I think this blog was a bad idea – mostly because I found it. Unlike the rest of the nerds here I’m not sitting here saying “good job dude, go get the BoSox!”
The Yanks won’t trade you… for the best pitcher of our time? Can’t wait until those “what ifs” start following all of your starts and cover the back pages of the New York papers after the NYM, lead by Santana, waste the Yanks with you starting.
Do you really think these fans will stand behind you when you go a month without a win or lose to the BoSox in an LCS game? It really doesn’t matter how young you are, they will get on you.

BTW please post more pics of the sis in the pink dress

17 01 2008
Joe Martino

Hi, I just found your blog by accident. Life long Yankees fan. I hope to God they come to their senses and let Johan go anywhere he wants except NY. I’ve been blogging for almost five years so if you want some free design help, just email me and I could help with this stuff.

17 01 2008

Hi, Phil,
I’m glad to have found this blog and look forward to keeping up with your thoughts. My family has been sweating out the trade talks. Two years ago we made our first pilgrimage to Tampa for spring training. Before going, I had looked into the deep recesses of the farm system for guys to pay attention to, and learned about you. Sure enough, on our visit, a bunch of the “name” starters – Randy Johnson, Pavano, Mussine, etc.- were coming off the field to a throng of autograph seekers and a short distance behind came #80 (pre-65). My then-8-year old called out to you and you were gracious and friendly with him and signed a ball for him. The next day, there were articles in the Tampa paper and a couple of the New York papers about you, and then the cat was out of the bag. Timing is everything! You’ve been Alex’s favorite player ever since, and even though he’s gotten a fair number of other autographs over the course of the years, yours means the most to him because he feels like he’s growing up with your career. We both have #65 jerseys (no offense if you switch that to something else, although it would be kind of cool to keep the high number) and are looking forward to a long New York career for you. Best of luck, stay healthy, be happy and stay a Yankee.
And, again, thanks for making a little boy’s day.

17 01 2008

hi Phil! Just wanted to let you know how glad I am you are still in pinstripes. Hope you are feeling healthy and strong. Good luck this year!

17 01 2008

Hey Phil. Great to see the new blog and hope to see you post often!

Here’s a blog for other’s to check out:

Obviously lots of pro-Yankees, but also a more honest and harsh look at the happenings in the sports world.

Go Yanks!

17 01 2008

Hey Phil, Good to see you in the blogosphere. Welcome.

Hope you stay a Yank for a good long time. How about upgrading to a more number befitting your stature, say #19 (Righetti?) or even #29? Let’s get a great number for you.

My sons are already fans and they are only 8 and 5.


Oh yeah: make sure you ignore the Lupica’s of the world who only serve to destroy all efforts you and the rest of the team make.

17 01 2008

Happy Holidays to you and your family! Let me start off by saying if you go to the Twinkies so do I! I’ve been a diehard yankees freak since the early 80’s so that would be tough. Your early workouts are a great way to build on your late season performances, but uh you know that I’m just glad to see it! Now get Joba’s phat ass down there wit ya! I can’t tell you how much fun I had watching you guys in Sept. (nevermind the chills I had against da Bjays your 1st game) I love watching pitching prosepcts and the big 3 gave me a reason to watch 3 hrs a day, nevermind da minor league games and all the reading. You guys made it exciting again instead of all stress! Screw Johan your numbers translate way better at the same age just don’t let it go to your head! Work hard and you’ll stay healthy so you make Hanknlilstein & blogger phisbad look like the fools they want to be and Cashman and Hal look like Geniuses! Have a great year Phranchise! Mike on da leftcoast

17 01 2008

Hi Phil hope you had fun. Good to know your working out and I can’t wait for spring training! I know this Johan talk must be annoying but ignore it bro. Keep posting, I’m glad you have a blog now! Make it more popular than Curt Schilling’s blog please.

17 01 2008

Phil! Welcome to the Blogosphere!!! I added a link to your blog on mine. Feel free to do the same!!! Good luck with your workouts this spring. We all have seen the flashes of brilliance you are capable of, and I must say I am excited. Work hard and stay healthy!!! Go Yankees 2008!!!

Mark McCray
The Bronx Stop

17 01 2008

Hey Phil –

You are obviously the great white hope for a lot of us here. Keep up the good work and build off of that playoff start. In case you didn’t realize by now, the New York media are a bunch of clowns (outside of MAYBE Peter Abraham). We all know that Joel Sherman was full of crap when he said there were questions about your work ethic. Don’t let those dudes get you down!

I am hoping you can add NYY Stadium Insider to your blog roll

Definitely check out this Yankee smiley created by our staff of you smacking Johan on the head with a hammer:

17 01 2008

Sorry, the link didn’t work for whatever reason:

17 01 2008

nice weblog. congrt!!

17 01 2008

Philly Franchise, i’d just like to lend my support about the whole trade rumor garbage goin on right now, i know myself as well as a majority of the true yankee fans out there would love to see you retire a yank, keep up the hard work

17 01 2008

Hey Phil Franchise:

so happy you have a blog, and so happy your name isn’t curt schilling. i pray the front office keeps you in pinstripes so we can see you turn into the stud we all know you’ll be. best of luck in tampa getting ready for the year and i can’t wait to see you hurl this year.

17 01 2008

Phil- Thanks for starting this blog. I look forward to getting your incite on all the happenings throughout the season!

Got an autoghraped card from ya a couple years ago when you were allowing folks to mail in from your website. (Think it was a Trenton Thunder card).

Good luck in the upcoming season! My Fiancee and I look forward to heading up to NY for a couple of your starts (or maybe if we get lucky you’ll start against the O’s!!).

Thanks Agian-


17 01 2008

Phil, please dont mind all of these blog whores.

Let me just say its refreshing to see your dedication and enthusiasm. We’re rooting for you to come back strong and do well this season.

17 01 2008


Thanks for blogging.

Johan Santana is a great pitcher but count me among those who would like to see you remain a Yankee now and for a long time.

I hope I can draft you for my fantasy team. I think you’ll have agreat year.

17 01 2008


17 01 2008

Hat tip for being willing to give blogging a shot.

More importantly, like the majority of those here (many of whom are familiar to me), I’m very glad you’re still in the Yankee fold. I think you really showed us something in the ALDS last year, and I think there’s a lot better memories still to come.

Take the trade rumors in stride…and know that the majority of the fans want to see you stay right where you are. It’s going to be a lot of fun following you, Joba and Ian in 2008. I haven’t been this excited about our starting rotation…well, maybe ever. ^_^

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,

Happy New Year to you too! Only 28 days until New York Yankees pitchers&catchers report. Cannot wait to see you pitch for us this season. I am very excited for you and I am delighted you’re staying a Yankee. I was very active online with some fellow Yankees fans in making it known Yankees fans want you more than Johan Santana.

Looking forward to hearing more from you!


17 01 2008

Sad to see the site go, but I’ll check out the blog throughout the season

17 01 2008

good luck with the blog

17 01 2008

I think I agree with most Yankee fans in beleiving you should remain a Yankee for life. Good luck, and thank you for sharing your thoughts and insights into your personal life…

17 01 2008

aw your fam’s so cute! 😀

happy new year to you too! good luck this upcoming season (it’s almost here!!)

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,

Looks great. Looking forward to having a first hand perspective. Good luck this season and I look forward to watching you don the pinstripes for as long as possible!

17 01 2008


I’m glad you were able to spend time with your family. Good luck next year and take it easy on the Indians.

17 01 2008

Hey Phil! I just wanna say good luck for next year! Hopefully I can see you in Spring Training this year. I might go as my birthday present.

17 01 2008


I hope you dont mind, but I added a link to your blog in mine (that you inspired me to start

if anyone is interested in an outsiders perpective:

17 01 2008

Whatever you do, both you and Joba should not get married, get the book from Jeter on how to handle NY night life and celebrity women. And then call me when you guys are out in the city so I can join.

17 01 2008

The site is coming along nicely. Looking foward to reading your blogs throughout the season.


17 01 2008

Look forward to reading the blog, Phil.

Can’t wait for the season to begin!!

17 01 2008

Welcome to the blogging world, Phil. The ride can get rather bumpy at times. Good luck…..

17 01 2008

hi phil.i have been following you’re career in the minors and with the yankees,awesome numbers.i will be very upset if the yankees trade a few short years i think you will be better than santanna and that is why the yankees backed of from the trade.the yankees are going in the right direction with their pitching staff.keep working hard and stay will be fun watching you with joba,kennedy,wang for the next several years with more kids on their way.the yankees are finally building a team the right way,good luck.

17 01 2008

It’s so cool that you’re blogging! It’s nice to find that you know we fans love to hear from you, and your thoughts. Glad that you had a restful holiday season; it’s all any of us can ask for. As a fan, I can’t wait to see you pitch this season, and support you for your long (hopefully) Yankee career. Understandably, it’s business, but after seeing you pitch in 2007, I really hope that you can stay a Yankee so I won’t feel guilty rooting for you if you end up pitching against the pinstripes :P.

It’s really hard to comment without seeming stalkerish, I just realized. And you probably aren’t reading through all these comments. But just in case you are, you know that you’ve got a fan in Brooklyn and Georgetown U. that hopes the best for you.

I know people have probably asked this a thousand times, but: What were you thinking that night in Texas? I know you’ve thrown a perfect game already (HS), and therefore, a no-hitter, but did it feel extraordinary doing it at the ML level? And when you realized that you were injured, was it harder knowing that you wouldn’t be able to help the team, or that you were on the verge of something special and lost it? Did the success of Sept. help give a boost psychologically? And even though you personally ended on a high note, is there something in the finish in Sept. and against Cleveland that you want to improve upon?

Okay, I’m wordy. I didn’t mean to be so verbose. But you’re so awesome for opening up the blog, I had to ask. I know you’re busy in Tampa right now (okay, that was stalkerish, but I swear, I didn’t mean it that way), but I’d love to know the answers.

I look forward to whatever you write next!

17 01 2008

Hey Phil,

I sincerely hope you are in pinstripes for a LONG LONG time. You in my opinion will be one of the most valuable assets for the yankees for the next 10-20 years. I look forward to seeing you, Joba, and Ian tear up the AL this season. Phil, if they trade you i will be PISSED, so hopefully they wont.
I hope you had a great holiday season,

Lets go Yankees!


17 01 2008

in phil phranchise we trust.

17 01 2008

I was watching your last start in Tampa again. You threw your fastball/curve/slider/change. If you can continue to work on getting the offspeed stuff over for strikes, you will be the next ace in this league. Im sure you already know that, but keep working at it. Im glad to hear you reported to Tampa already, stay healthy and show these haters what you can really do!!!

We’re with you all the way Phil!!!!

17 01 2008

Screw what your publicist says.

LRG is awesome!!!

Keep doin well. Remember, fortune favors the brave. (its clothing kiinda like LRG…kinda not)

17 01 2008

Phranchise, I think the Yankee organization would have to be on crack to trade you. Especially after your sick performance in the 07 playoffs. You’re an amazing player and I personally hope to see you in pinstripes for many years to come. Also, me and my mom think you’re cute, so that wouldn’t hurt. I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year, and we’ll all see you in April!!


17 01 2008

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17 01 2008

hey. what do you think of the yanks in 08

17 01 2008

going into this year with phil joba and ian as our young trio would be a great decision. not only can we win this year but in the many years to come. if they trade phil somebody ought to be fired because phil is the franchises next big stud. Yanks in 08

17 01 2008

Hey Phil, I hate to be the one to point this out but someone has to step up and be a man about it.

Your sister is crazy hot.

Just had to get that out in the open.

Nice to see you get the blog up and going.

If you need help with some product photos for your gear, give me a shout.

18 01 2008

Thanks for sharing the nice pic of your great fam and a little of your thoughts on what’s been going on in the offseason. I think you’re great and we need to keep you a Yankee. Johan who? Your first year was impressive. And you only got better and showed you are made to be in pinstripes!

18 01 2008

Nice looking family Phil, I am glad there is no deal and hope there won’t be, looking forward to seeing you in pinstripes this year…

18 01 2008

I’d rather have you here than Johan!

You are the man, my screenname even has your number 65!
Give us some info on Hank

19 01 2008

Happy New Year Phil.
Let me know if we can buy some advertising space on your Blog.

24 01 2008

Thank you for the blog it is going to be great keeping up with throughout the year and I hope you remain a Yankee.

26 01 2008

I was living out in San Diego for a few years and I signed up for a notary class in ’07. To my surprise, I sent an email confirmation stating that Phillip Hughes was my class instructor. I kinda laughed and just shrugged it off. Well, after our lunch break, I heard Mr. Hughes, our instructor, discussing baseball and the Yanks with some attendants. He said, “Yeah, he was really excited when he got his first minor league check” and “He bought a condo in Tampa” – I think. He also said, “My son was pitching in Yankee stadium in his first major league game”. My jaw dropped them. I’m thinking to myself, “My cousin and I followed this kid since ’05 and I’m taking a notary class instructed by his Dad in San Diego?”. Sure enough, when I saw the Holiday pics, I noticed your Dad and Sister – who was at the front desk – I think her name is Molly. It was just kinda funny to me.

I’m hoping that you have a great year Phil and that you’re able to log in a lot of innings. I’m also hoping that Wang’s sinker sinks more this year, too. You’re a talented pitcher, dude!

26 01 2008

Hey Phil, that’s a great pic of you & your family. Thanx for sharing!

BTW, I am so glad you’re still a Yankee. The Twins can keep Johan Santana forever for all I care cuz I know you will be our ACE!

30 01 2008

Phil, hope this is a great year for you and the Yankees. I can’t wait for the season to start. We’re all so happy that you will be staying in pinstripes!

14 05 2008

that’s a great pic of you & your family thanks

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