Monster Trucks or George Strait…..

18 01 2008

So tomorrow I have nothing going on and have the option of either a monster truck event at Raymond James Stadium, or a George Strait concert at the St. Pete Times Forum. I’m not really a fan of either, but I wanna get out of the house and am going more for the experience than anything. So what will it be? The Gravedigger crushing a few 1990 Ford Tempo’s or “All my Ex’s live in Texas?”



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18 01 2008

You’d be one of the few at either event with a full set of teeth.

18 01 2008

You should check out Oteil and the Peacemakers at Skipper’s Steakhouse over on Skipper Road.

The venue is a really cool blues club with amazing BBQ, but Oteil’s band has more of a rock/funk edge than Blues. Oteil is the bass player for the Allman Brothers.

If you’re looking for something a little more indie The Hold Steady is at Czar tomorrow night.

Good luck this season, can’t wait to see you pitch.

– Scott Bernstein
Managing Editor: Hidden Track

18 01 2008

What about Dennis Deyoung at the Ruth Eckerd Hall?

Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me…haha

18 01 2008

If you’re looking for the experience I’d go with the monster truck show, unless you’ve got a thing against wife-beaters. Maybe they’ll have one of those crazy figure 8 school bus races or a demolition derby. I’d rather see things get destroyed than some old coot singing songs I’ve never heard.

demolition derby + cold brews = good times


18 01 2008

Definitely monster truck show.

18 01 2008

Wow …what choices !!! I’d put having a root canal right in with those two..haha.
Actually new experiences are always good…so…if I had to choose I’d probably go with the monster trucks since it beats listening to that country twang stuff … IMO anyway ….:o)

Whatever you choose ….have fun !!!!

Go Yankees 2008 !!!!!

18 01 2008

Whatever puts the least amount of strain on your arm. The concert may require you to cover your ears with unnatural speed, so my vote would be for the Monster Truck show.

18 01 2008

Tough call, but car crushing wins every time.

18 01 2008

haha. I don’t know much about either but I would rather see..

The Gravedigger crushing a few 1990 Ford Tempo’s


18 01 2008


18 01 2008

Monster Trucks!

Heres why: You could hate the music of George Strait and not be entertained at all but theres always the poetry in motion of Monster Trucks jumping and smashing and…..

well you get the point.

18 01 2008

Stay home with your girl Phil.. have a nice romantic dinner.

18 01 2008

Monster trucks, hands down!

Although I swear, my ears are still ringing from the last time I went to one of those shows. Insane loudness.

18 01 2008

Phil that is a tough one, there has to be something more interesting than going to either one of those two. How about a movie?

18 01 2008

Monster Trucks.

They’re Dr. House-approved.

18 01 2008

when given the opportunity ill always choose seeing music so i say go to the concert.

18 01 2008

Go for the Strait concert. I’m not a big country fan, but I do think George is good artist. He;’ll only be a touring artist for so long, while monster truck shows will be around much longer if they’re your kind of thing.

18 01 2008

Monster Trucks is soooo a Sidney Ponson type of thing.

Phil, you’re better than that.

if I had to choose between either.. it’s the music.

18 01 2008

Come on Phil there has to be a better option on a saturday night then george strait or a monster truck show.. Tampa cant suck that bad

18 01 2008

Out of those two choices I’d definitely go with the Monster Trucks.

However, if you just want to get out of the house, you should go see “Cloverfield,” which just came out today. Really, really good movie.

18 01 2008

Phil, if you have your lady with you how about this;

Wine Under the Stars
Cassie Bouldin- (727) 209-1745
Wine Under the Stars
January 19th
At the Science Center of Pinellas County
7701 22nd Ave North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710

This is the Science Center of Pinellas County´s annual fundraiser. Tickets are $45.00 per a person. There will be food from numerous local resteraunts, as well as live entertainment, wine tastings and a silent auction. As well as planetarium shows and tours of the Science Center.

18 01 2008

Haha…interesting choices. Personally, I’d go to the concert. I’d rather hear music than watch cars get smashed, and Strait has a few decent songs.

Choose whatever you think you’ll like the most……or hate the least. =0D

18 01 2008

I would say go to the concert..but then again I recently have become a fan of country music and I have no interest in monster trucks hahaha

18 01 2008

Not sure about either. But I love you’re thinking for the Giants… better not jinx it tho! Good luck next year (hopefully w/ NY pinstripes…)

18 01 2008

George Strait, for sure. He puts on a good show.

18 01 2008

Hey man I dont know about you but I love to people watch and get off of the beaten path. I think the type of music people listen to says a lot about who they are so if nothing else you can go and see some people that arent like yourself in their “natural environment”. Country Music isnt half bad so If nothing else it’ll probably have a cool vibe off of a different type of people.

18 01 2008

oy “if nothing else” x2 lol dont mind me, tough day at school today.

18 01 2008

stay in and watch the gmen baby

18 01 2008

Welcome to the blogoshere Phil! You’ll have a blast. I run a Yankee blog called You have many supporters among the Yankee faithful…Drop by and leave a comment someday… I’m a musician so I’d go listen to a few tunes…
John Amato

18 01 2008

Why don’t you go out and see a movie lol? If I had to chose either it would be Monster Trucks but have fun whatever you do.

18 01 2008

I’m not a fan of country music, but George Strait is kind of a throwback. I saw him in 96 and he is a very good singer, but not so great as an entertainer. I would go for the monster trucks.

18 01 2008

Gravedigger. Hey isn’t raymond james stadium where the bucs play? I remember seeing it when I went to spring training last year. (Im not a football fan)

18 01 2008

My vote is for the Monster trucks. . .However, George Strait is legendary and it would be quite an experience to see him live. Tough choice. . . either way, have a great night!

Mark McCray

18 01 2008

if you’ve never seen George, and even if you’re not that fond of country, George will make you feel like you’ve known him your whole life…..hes one of the better ones to see……don’t think you’ll regret it

18 01 2008


Go with the Monster Trucks.

Greg Cohen – A Yankees Blog

19 01 2008

Go to the Monster trucks. It sounds like more fun to me, even though I’ve never been to one

19 01 2008

I vote trucks, Phil, but we’re taking a poll over at our Yankees blog. If you’d like to check in before you make your decision, it’s there for you. IT IS HIGH… IT IS FAR… IT IS… caught, a.k.a. John Sterling Blog.

Looking forward to your 2008 Yankee season, and I’m psyched that you’re blogging.

19 01 2008

grab like 8 beers and hit up the monster truck show. destruction is always entertaining

19 01 2008

Monster Trucks for sure. I went when I was little and it was fun. I got a gradedigger shirt, although I haven’t worn it since.

19 01 2008

Phil, it’s gotta be the Monster Trucks. That’s a no brainer in this situation.

19 01 2008

You can come to my house in Orlando. I got a 55″ SXRD and an Xbox!

19 01 2008

monster trucks or george strait? given those options, i’d choose seinfeld on dvd or a showing of “there will be blood.” failing either of those options, i guess i’d go with strait. although, if bigfoot’s still around, i suppose you could make a case for the monster truck rally.

yikes. florida.

19 01 2008

i love the dude whose post started with, “grab like 8 beers…” couldn’t you insert anything into that sentence and still probably finish it with “always entertaining?”

go antiquing, dude. grab like 8 beers first. always entertaining.

19 01 2008

Gravedigger! Don’t you know Country music makes you impotent? Hey, we got a World Series to win, can’t be clownin dude.

19 01 2008

Either one would be cool. Going to music you usually do not listen to and open the horizons. I have a really eclectic music collection so I can have fun anywhere I go (other than classical or opera)
Monster trucks are fun too. My son loves it, but again there are a lot of those all over all the time.
I say you go see George. Might not be as bad as you think.

19 01 2008

Go see Monster Trucks! You can have a good time just watching people in their gravedigger clothes, let alone watching cars get crushed (maybe not just tempos, the one time i went they crushed an RV).

And country music suuuuuuuuucks!

19 01 2008

i’d totally pick the monster trucks

19 01 2008

I’d say make it a blockbuster night instead….. 🙂

19 01 2008

Hey Phil, my son and I saw you come in for Roger in game 3 and you were lights out. No need for Johann in the Bronx. We look forward to seeing you for many years to come in the Pinstripes. Hang in there and try seeing Roger McGuinn when you get the chance.

19 01 2008

Phil –

Well, considering those are your only two options, I would definitely go with the monster truck show. Although I’ve never been to one, I’m sure it’d be a lot more fun than a George Strait concert. Either way, have fun!

19 01 2008

I think id go see the concert man..Not a huge fan of either…And both are a little rough on the ears but i think the concert is the way to fly.

19 01 2008

It’s not too late to sign up for a Caribbean cruise, Phil. There’s a cruise line that caters to the young and restless (and some singles)…

19 01 2008

Monster Trucks are pretty cool if you’ve never seen them. Especially if they bring that huge flame thrower thing.

19 01 2008

Good luck in 2008 Phil.
Let me know if I can buy someadvertising for out web site on your Blog.

19 01 2008

Phil, Go see a movie

19 01 2008

i was snowboarding today and heard a song called “dig” by incubus.
Check it out cause it totally ramped me up when i was carving and i think it could be a good song to warm up ti before games!

19 01 2008

Go to Siesta Key beach in Sarasota.

19 01 2008

“Go to Siesta Key beach in Sarasota.”

Thats where I live … right down the street from S. Kind and J. Springer. Cant go wrong in Sarasota, ‘cept the weather is horrible right now.

19 01 2008

err Stephen King

20 01 2008

so which one did u end up going to Phil?

25 01 2008

I went to the George Strait concert last night in Jacksonville FL, drove 4 hours after getting off work at Tyndall AFB…Sarah Johns opened…and right before Little Big Town came on they announced George was not feeling well and would have to reschedule the show….bummer:>

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