My Top Songs Today

21 01 2008

As many of you may already know I’m a big music fan. Mainly into alt rock, hard rock, some metal. I decided every so often I’ll post a small list of list of songs that I really like on any particular day. What are you guys listening to today? 

1. Sadie– Alkaline Trio
2. Breathe Into Me Red
3. Sirens– Angels & Airwaves
4. Until the End– Breaking Benjamin
5. No Roads Left– Linkin Park
6. Master of Puppets– Metallica
7. Go with the Flow– Queens of the Stone Age   

Right around the corner…..

21 01 2008

Spring training is coming up and has grown into one of my favorite times of year. Nice weather, little to no travel, and the excitement of the approaching season. I’ll start throwing bullpens this week along with a few of the other guys that have reported early. I would definitely recommend visiting Tampa in the spring if you get the chance.