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21 01 2008

Spring training is coming up and has grown into one of my favorite times of year. Nice weather, little to no travel, and the excitement of the approaching season. I’ll start throwing bullpens this week along with a few of the other guys that have reported early. I would definitely recommend visiting Tampa in the spring if you get the chance.



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21 01 2008

I can’t wait for the new season! It’s lonely being a Yankee fan living in Boston. Good luck Phil!

21 01 2008
Andrew Fletcher

Nice to see you getting a head start, Phil. Best of luck!


21 01 2008

I have baseball fever. It can’t get here soon enough.

21 01 2008

check out siesta key in sarasota…you won’t be disapointed

21 01 2008

Phil, you are a stud and we all look forward to seeing you work a full season.

I am no pro, but just remember: we all want your success just as much as you. Don’t let yourself be overwhelmed by NY, the media, or the expectations of your fans. Just pitch your game, learn from Andy, Moose, and Mo and you’ll do great.

We appreciate your hard work.

Johan who? We’re glad the Yankees didn’t make that mistake.

21 01 2008

Phil, ever since 2004… Boston has become New York.. and New York has become what Boston was.. please help us reverse that! please be a trend killer/ curse beater! please be our version of curt schilling minus the mouth!

21 01 2008


That is not true…none of it.

Just because Boston had a couple good years doesn’t mean NY is “cursed”.

There has been bad financial/personnel decisions based around attempting to bring in all star after all star every year. The formula doesn’t work. Cash is changing that, hence we have Phil Hughes in pinstripes.

21 01 2008

Phil, nice to see you getting a headstart down there. When I played ball in college this was always my favorite time of the year, the early workouts and getting into shape. Some scrimmages here and there. Generally a lot of fun.

Also, if you’re interested, by chance I attended the first game you pitched in the majors last year and took a pretty nice picture of your first pitch. You probably have a bunch already but if you’re interested, let me know where I can send it. Also, if you have XBox 360 down there to keep you busy, my username is my gamertag. Down for Halo or Call of Duty, let me know! Keep up the good work!

21 01 2008

Phil, If your gonna be in Florida enjoy the weather and the food. I was there last week. Whose in Tampa with you? LETS GO YANKS

21 01 2008

Hey Phil …

Happy to see you are beginning to prime yourself for the season. I’ve been to ST for a few years and it’s great. This year I decided to skip ST and head to Tampa for a few regular season games in April.

I’m not a big football fan but being from New York I say …GOOOOOOO
Giants !!!! I might even watch the SB for the game this year instead of just the commercials and half time show :o).

I can’t wait for March 31st …I have seats for Opening Day !!!! I’m just hoping it’s NOT snowing …

Go Yankees 2008 !!!!

21 01 2008

24 more days…

I’m spending my final spring break catching a few ST games at Legends as well as the Pirates stadium in Bradenton (Pirates vs Yanks).

I snagged Cone’s autograph last time I was down there…8 years ago…

21 01 2008

hey phil

check out black beans restaurant in tampa, i hit the spot last spring training. great food and really comfy atmosphere.

i’ll be down mid march. i will bug pete abraham to introduce me if he can. 🙂


21 01 2008

I wish I could go to florida but I can’t this year. Last year was real fun but by the time I went you weren’t with the team anymore.

21 01 2008

I’d love to get up there for a game or two. I live down in Ft Lauderdale so I can’t wait until you guys come down to play the sorry Marlins.

21 01 2008

Nice to see the dedication of reporting to work early. Keep the ball down in the zone, and you’ll do fine. Throw that utterly sadistic bender of yours and you’ll be even better. This is the first spring training that I have been excited about in a very long time. I can’t wait to see you in action. Knock ’em dead, and go Yankees!!!!!

21 01 2008

Hi Phil

I went down to spring training about 5 or 6 years ago and you’re right, it’s a lot of fun.

It’s terrific that you’re in Tampa, working out early; I feel certain that you are going to have a great year. No matter what, I support you.

Looking forward to your next blog………

21 01 2008

I count the days to spring training every year… I can’t believe it’s just about here already…

21 01 2008

hey phil can you comment on how many innings you think you’ll be able to reach this season? Obviously the injury last year will make it more difficult to pitch a full season this year, given how carefully the organization has been with you and your fellow young pitchers.

21 01 2008

Totally agree with Spring Training being an exciting time. Look forward to yourself, IPK and Joba getting ready for an exciting season in the Bronx.


21 01 2008

I’ll be in Tampa to catch workouts from Feb. 15-19th…. See you soon Phil

21 01 2008

I can’t wait for pitchers and catchers to report. I’m glad to hear you’re showing up ahead of schedule, the younger players are what helped this team make the playoffs last season and brought some life to an aged and tired team. Hopefully we’ll see upper management give Cano the $4.6M he wants, and it seems they’re close to a deal with Wang at about $4.5M. Great news IMO. So happy to see you Kennedy and Melky still in ‘Stripes. Also how does everybody here feel about shedding probably over $100M in payroll after this year? Can you guys believe we still pay Randy Johnson, Kevin Brown, and Jeret Wright? Crazy huh, Go YANKS!!! and GO BIG BLUE beat the CHEAT-Triots in Super Bowl LXII

21 01 2008

Hey Phil!

It’s cool to hear that you look forward to Spring Training too! As each New Year comes I get excited because Spring Training is right around the corner with the start of the new baseball season right behind it. I proposed to my wife outside of Legends Field on our first Spring Training trip and we now make the trip every year! Can’t wait to see you and the rest of the team in action in March!

Thanks for sharing with all of your fans!

21 01 2008

Seems like the season just ended. I am really looking foward to Spring Training..always fun to see the young prospects and rookies competing to make the team. Some day I will come down to Tampa and watch you guys play. Really looking foward to seeing this young team compete this year.


21 01 2008

alright finally time for baseball. I hope you get to pitch that final game in Sept against Baltimore it will be historic

21 01 2008

early march, i’ll be down there covering it. A week in Tampa as press? Cant wait.

21 01 2008

Phil, I’d love to come visit! If I do would you be able to teach me how to throw your Knuckle-Curve with a wiffle-ball? I know you probably don’t have time to meet with all of your fans but it would probably make my life! I’m in a fairly competitive group up here in Boston and I love to show those Red Sox fans who’s boss! Nice weather would be sweet too!

21 01 2008

really cant wait for some baseball. its gonna be great seein some rookies in the rotation this year , with the talent you young guys have shown

22 01 2008

I am psyched for the new season… Who else is at the complex already?

22 01 2008

Hey Phil…if you have the time, would you mind practicing throwing at Pedroia during spring training?

25 01 2008

can’t wait for 2008. l’ll see u there!!!

25 01 2008


I am going to Orlando February 15th. I am going to see you throw some in Tampa while I am down there.

Cya in Tampa and the BRONX

Good Luck!!!

25 01 2008

Phil, has Girardi spoken to you yet and what has he said to you?

25 01 2008

its nice to know that your one of the first there, you of all people know how much hard work pays off so keep it up. you dont know i cant wait for the season to start, i like football but there’s nothing like baseball….you know baseball season is right around the corner when pitchers and catchers start reporting, nice weather and another shot for the greatest team in the world, THE YANKEES to play in october, phil tell the rest of the yankees to bury the REDSUX this year, i cant stand them lol…when u step on that mound this year blow them away, i have a feeling your gonna be owning those guys for a long time. i’ll be at the game on april 16th at home against those bums, good luck this year phil, we are all behind you!!!!

26 01 2008

Glad to see they listened to Cashman and kept from making a bad deal. I am confident that you will have the season you are capable of having and be part of something special that brings one more championship to NY. Hopefully you win the series at home and give our beloved stadium the sendoff it rightfully deserves.

26 01 2008

Spring Training, best time of the year!!! Got my niece and nephew rocking Hughes tshirts. Although my pops is my idol, back in the day it was Don Mattingly on the diamond for me! Two years ago you tossed me a ball after warming up and I thought that was the coolest gesture. We love the team and are excited to see Melky, Joba, Cano, and yourself compete for years and years.

26 01 2008

Funny how the talk comes around to Yankees vs. Red Sox… Might just be history repeating itself… Around the turn of the last century the Red Sox took all the marbles for the first few decades then the Yankees took 26 straight to the Red Sox’s none. I’m also itching for baseball to come around. I didn’t know players could report this early. Good luck to you Phil!

28 01 2008

I’m coming to Tampa in March. Can’t wait!!!! It’s going t o be insane I’m coming to one game at Legends field and a couple at different games you and the Yankees are playing hope to see you pitch!!!!!

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