Moving Forward

24 01 2008

This site is all about you. So I’d like to see what you want to see from this blog in the future. All ideas welcome.



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24 01 2008

I think the blog has been great so far. It’s cool to read about a professional baseball players’ regular life…. I think sometimes it’s easy to forget that you guys are regular humans as well as baseball players.

24 01 2008

Well for starters I want a calzone of my own.. and a slice of pepperoni pizza and a large soda…. and three times a week I will require a cannoli .

24 01 2008

Would love to get some daily “insight” into your routine, etc before, during, and after a start.

Incidentally, I didn’t get to ask but do you have specific superstitions for your routine ?


24 01 2008


I think it would be cool if you could give us updates about the way the team is progressing leading up to opening day. For example if someone develops a new pitch, or works out a kink in their swing. That would be cool because I think a lot of fans crave REAL baseball news right now.

24 01 2008

lol @ cali dan … Let me be perfectly blunt. I don’t care for you, Costanza. You hang out on the west side of the building with Seinfeld all day laughing it up, wasting your lives

As far as your blog phil i think people just like to read about what youre thinking or doing in a given day. Any news youve heard, whatever. Just reading the rantings of a sports figure on news stories or things that concern them is usually pretty interesting writing.

24 01 2008

I would love to hear about your friendships with the other players, particularly the older players. Did some of the veteran pitchers take you under their wing? I read that Giambi was really good to you guys.

24 01 2008
Travis G.

loved the Q&A session.

how about ST updates on yourself, what you see from the other guys (Joba, Ian, Brackman, Melancon, Jackson, Tabata (does he ever bring up that screamer in the Futures Game?)), has the team ever told you your innings cap for this year, what is Joe Girardi like, favorite football team, and what you do in your free time (which you’ve done a great job of so far).

24 01 2008

Phil, I would agree with some of the others posting here. You have the job that we all could only dream about. It would be great to be able to live vicariously through your (or anyone’s) experiences as a Yankee. Let us know how the team is faring from your (non-media) perspective and occasionally throw in some non-baseball items as you see fit to remind us that you are more than just your ERA, WHIP, and K/BB ratio. I think that kind of candor will come in really useful for you in the PR department when you have a bad outing or go through a tough stretch. Continue to post daily or almost daily as you can and your blog will garner a very large and loyal following.

24 01 2008

Just reading about your days would be pretty cool. even the things that seem unimportant or regular to you are pretty interesting for the fan.

itll be really awesome to follow the blog from spring training through the playoffs. alot of us had some great insight last year from petey abe at the lohud blog who wrote a heap of great posts from an insiders perspective.

but i dont believe there have been any yankees who have blogged an entire season. that would be pretty kick ass.

if you want to do more, audio and video posts would rock.


24 01 2008

W’s Phil, that’s all we want…

But seriously, any insight into all things baseball are always appreciated.

24 01 2008

To add to that, a lot of things we read seem to fall into 2 main categories – things responsible and resourceful reporters find out directly from the players, or massive amounts of speculation from who knows what sources… So, to get any insights and information from an actual player is pretty cool and definitely appreciated.

24 01 2008

Alright. I think these might be fun ideas

*A chat room on the site, or a link to a Phil Hughes chatroom on the site. So when you aren’t busy in the winter, you could just chat with the fans
*A pregame posts before you start games would be cool. Like on days you are pitching, just log on to the site when you can, and post a quick pregame thoughts post. Like how you are feeling, what the weather is like at the ball park, etc.
*You should ask if any of your teamates would like to post here once in a while. Might be cool to hear from a couple other Yankees
*Funny stories from around the clubhouse. We get all on field info from the media. I would like to hear a couple in club house stories.

Those are my suggestions, take it for what it is worth.

24 01 2008

Funny stories about you and your teammates, mainly. You know, someone zings someone with a great one-liner in the locker room, that sort of thing. I’d also be interested in hearing your side of the player-media interaction. I read a fair number of blogs by sports journalists where they go more in-depth on what you (sports figures) are like as people. This could be your chance to dish on them, you know?

24 01 2008

Phil, love the blog so far. If possible can you post pics from throughout spring training for us to see. Just of the routines and you guys having fun. consider it a gallery of your spring training. thanks

24 01 2008

oh yeah and 1 more thing. a championship

24 01 2008

Phil, I know spring training can be pretty mundane, but it would be interesting to read about your daily routine. Also to hear about how some of the other prospects are doing.

24 01 2008

I’d like just updates on what your doing. Like right now getting ready for the season, what does that mean your day consist of? The questions and answer thing was really cool, would like to see those every once and a while. Also updates on players around you, such as I worked out today along with such and such. Don’t know much else, i think you’ve done a great job so far, just putting in your opinion on things is great.

P.S. the Office is awesome.

24 01 2008


I’m not sure (actually, I doubt) if you remember me. We met at the Sept 1 game (Ian Kennedy’s first start) and I gave you an envelope of pictures from the Aug 4 game (you pitched and Alex hit his 500th career HR). If you remember those pictures at all, I have move and would love for you to check them out. Let me know if you are interested and I can get them over to you.

All the best and best of luck.

24 01 2008

Personally, I like what you’ve been doing. It’s really nice of you to let us in on the aspects of your life like we’re all your friends. For me I watch every single Yankees game during the season, every season. You guys are like a part of my house. It’s a real trip to be acknowledged by a player and not have to constantly here about things from the weasels in the media. They’re good for their purposes but baseball isn’t about muckraking. I miss playing the game everyday. I played from when I was 1.5 and swinging a nurf bat with my dad, through all levels of little league and high school, to competitive wiffle ball with my friends at school. What you are doing is letting me a part of the team again (really the only team I’ve ever cared about) and its a lot of fun reading your posts for that reason. I would say keep writing whatever comes to mind, insights into the clubhouse and industry secrets like how you grip your pitches are always cool. I’m working on a curveball myself right now, just for kicks, so if you feel like writing about the difficulties of mastering certain things about pitching and commiserating with your fan base go ahead, I’m all ears. Obviously don’t get yourself in trouble by divulging information you shouldn’t about the organization, players, strategies (in case the Red Sox are reading your blog too). But I doubt you’d do that, you’re my age and your already in the majors and you have good musical tastes (great choice of walk-in music by the way) so you have to be pretty smart! Keep on writing and I’ll keep on reading. Hope the weather is better in Tampa than it is up here in Boston! Can’t wait for Spring Training to start!

24 01 2008


I can’t think of a Yankees fan with an internet connection that wouldn’t read this blog religiously if you keep doing what you’re doing. Others are absolutely right, we all wanted/want to become Yankees. For most its an unfulfillable dream, but reading this blog and going to games is pretty close.

24 01 2008

hey phil
i have been enjoying your blog thus far, one thing i would love to know, and am always curious about, is what your workout routine is like, what kind of weight do you lift, and what kind of exercises do you do.


24 01 2008

Hey Phil,

First I wanted to say that this blog is great. I think it is a great way to remind us all that you players are just like us. Too many times to people get blinded by the high payrolls and celebrity of the game to realize that. So, I think it’s great you’re doing this because it really shows that you guys are humans as well as ballplayers.

Ideas for the blog? I’m the same age as you and it’s nice just to see someone my age talking about something as amazing as your career. So definitely keep that up. I love pictures, and I’m a facebook addict. So I would say any pictures you could put up that fans and everyone wouldn’t normally get to see.

Keep up the good work.

24 01 2008

Phil, I really love your blog. It’s interesting and I can know about you more. Maybe you can share your new goal with spring training coming or introduce other guys, like Joba, Ian and so on.

Of course, what I want to see most is about your first win in postseason. I am proud of you. By the way, last time you talked about curveball. I learned so much, but I have another question – Is Joba’s curveball different from yours?

24 01 2008

I think a Spring Training weekly report would be a good idea. Each week update us on the progress yourself and the rest of the Yankees prospects are making throughout camp.

24 01 2008

I am a big fan of just reading what your everyday thoughts are. It’s exciting to feel connected to a highly toted prospect and hopefully as you grow, the fans will be able to grow along with you by just being able to share a little bit of your fabulous Yankee life. haha

24 01 2008

Hi Phil

I like the site very much so far. I think with Spring Training coming up, perhaps pictures and entries about Spring Training, and how things are going with having new manager Joe Girardi, and the few new coaches.

24 01 2008

i think all you guys need to listen to this song
about the patriots

24 01 2008

Love the Blog so far. I think it’s great that an Athlete is as down to earth as you , and has an open line of communication. I think insight into yourself, especially your pitching, and the Yankees is great for the blog. Really glad we’ll be able to see you pitch and grow into a star here in NYC.

Also visit my sports blog at :

24 01 2008

i agree completely with bcyanks
every once and awhile some candid photos from the dugout/clubhouse on days you arent starting would be cool

24 01 2008

The site seems great so far, but things that can make it better…

1.) Trivia questions for bloggers..about you, teammates, or the yankees (no prizes needed..just for fun unless thats something you want to do)
3.) Share the things that other players have given you throughout the signed memorabilia..etc.
4.) Insight on the Yankees farm system, talking about guys who are on the rise or have been called up.
5.) I think everyone here would say that any photos or videos you can come up with would be great.


24 01 2008

First, even though some *cough**cough* have speculated that this blog is less than…engaging, I think it’s just great.

Second, I understand that there’s a lot of sensitive information involved in your routine, relationships with other players, etc. I know that Alex is very secretive about his own workout, and you probably don’t want to talk too in-depth about your mechanics, etc. because it might be the kind of information opposing scouts could use to determine if you’re tipping pitches or when to run on you. And, of course, a clubhouse is like a fraternity, and I seriously doubt anyone in Greek life would sell out his or her brothers or sisters (with the exception of the Bronx Zoo, but I really don’t think the 2008 Yankees qualify).

With that in mind, I think that what you’re doing right now (giving insights into your everyday) is a good foundation. I think a pre-game post would be good, but I don’t think you should do post-game, not even after a win. You could post about what you’d like to improve on, or what you or the team feels really good about. The chats are an excellent idea, and you could get guest chat hosts from among your teammates. Funny stories from outside the clubhouse with teammates would be great.

Last of all, what about fun encounters you have with some of us? 😀 We are real people ourselves. Though we’re from all over the globe, you’ll run into us at some point or another, either signing autographs at the Stadium, on the road, or even by chance. Funny, interesting, touching or just weird stories about how you literally interact with us fans would be a wonderful addition.

Song of the Day: “Rite of Spring”– Angels & Airwaves (thanks for getting me to search beyond “The Adventure”)


24 01 2008

I bet some of your fellow yankees would love to guest-blog once in a while! Would love to hear from Shelley Duncan! Check out this hilarious site for some little-known shelly facts!

24 01 2008

It’s been an awesome blog so far, but since you asked:

The one thing that I’d most want is you to be you. It goes without saying that we’ll learn all about the baseball stuff (like I learned what a knucklecurve is yesterday, thank you!), but, also, do posts about music, tv, things you like. Just, please, for the love of all things Yankees, stay away from politics =D

I know you probably don’t have a whole lot of time on your hands, but responding to comments here and there, as well, would also be amazing.

Keep doing what you are, and I’ll keep reading =D

24 01 2008

Hey Phil!

I think everyone has had some great ideas about posting! It would be great to read about the “clubhouse life” but i think it would be cool just to read about your life outside the stadium, like what you do on days off.

Also, after the games there is always a crowd waiting around to watch you and the rest of the guys leave the stadium. It’s understandable that most of the players would like to get home to relax and see their families which is why most just give a wave to ackowledge the crowd, but does the Boss have any rules about stopping to sign a few autographs?

Thanks again for creating the blog!


24 01 2008

I think maybe a section where you could ask some of the other Yankees about there thoughts on the season and life outside of baseball.

24 01 2008

Phil, I’d like to see more pics of you with your dog Sam. =)

24 01 2008


I think its great that you started this blog. Its cool to get insight directly from a player like yourself. Keep us updated on how things are progressing in spring training for you and the team. Also, its cool to read about what you enjoy away from baseball…music…movies..etc.


24 01 2008

Phil: LOVE THE BLOG. It’s GREAT that you are so accessible to your fans. I have been an NYY fan all my life (NY born and raised) and am very excited to see the youngsters come up. You and Joba and Ian are just such great additions. I’ve followed you for a few years now and you are such a good fit for the ball club.

You pitched an incredible game in the ALCS last year. Coming out of the bullpen to relieve Clemens was a pressure situation and you were INCREDIBLE.

Okay enough of that…I would love to hear about the day to day stuff…and what goes on and how you prepare and what it’s like in baseball.

I’d love to hear about Shelley and Joba and and the younger guys and how you integrate with the veterans.

What’s it like playing with people like Jeter and Arod and Mo. These have got to be guys that you followed and had some thoughts about before you were ever drafted by the Yankees.

What was it like putting on the pinstripes? Do any of the youngsters talk about being a Yankee versus being something else?

Just day to day stuff and how a young pitcher integrates onto the winningest team in all of sports history.

24 01 2008

Phil, I hope the blog works out so well that it starts a trend among young ballplayers.

As for stuff I’d like to hear about…I’d be interested to hear about the stuff you do on the road. What sights you see in the cities you visit, cool stuff that happens to you and the guys you hang out with when you’re out. In addition to any fun stuff you can tell us about clubhouse life that’s not going to ruffle any feathers. Like…my favorite anecdote that I heard last year somewhere was that Wang apparently has a really filthy mouth because that’s the English that guys like Jeter like to teach him.

Things like that:-)

24 01 2008

Hey phil =)

hope everything is going great for you this blog is a perfect way for your fans to realize your a simple kinda guy just doing his job posting the day to day things are great so people can get a feel of what you go through itd be cool if you could maybe write about how the older guys treat you n how you get along with joba ian and the others its great that you want to keep in contact with your fans

i’ll be wearing your number at the stadium this year so best of luck…your awesome! =)

24 01 2008

some photo galleries would be cool. im sure there are tons of pranks and stuff goin on behind the scenes that we dont get to see. great tin man costume by the way

24 01 2008

alrighty ill give it a shot:

Dwight Schrute: Yankee Swap is like Machiavelli meets… Christmas.

24 01 2008

whoops disregard plz, posted my the wrong thing in the wrong place! :S

24 01 2008

Lets use this blog to communicate positive intentions for the health and success of Phil Hughes as a Yankee. Phil will need to know that we are all sending him encouragement and good thoughts over the next 10 months.

The last season at Yankee Stadium at 181st and River Ave…all the cosmic energy is going to culminate in the most amazing season ever.

In 2008 we will see two 20 game winners, 61 home runs from a single player, and a WS win against the Dodgers!!!

25 01 2008

Isn’t it 161st st and River ave??

25 01 2008

I’m wondering if you will be posting daily in this blog throughout the season. Now that would be awesome!

25 01 2008

I think what you’re doing so far is great! – Can’t think of too many players that reach out to their fans in such a great way. Thanks!

25 01 2008

I think anything personal is asking a bit much but i think everyone loves insight into their favorite team and what the life of a Major Leaguer is like.

i just also wanted to say, this is bar none, one of the best baseball blogs out there and its only been around for a week or so.

Great Job Phil!!!

25 01 2008

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25 01 2008

I meant ALDS in my previous post. Hopefully there’s an ALCS and WS in your very near future!!!

I like having a pitcher with a WP blog who is not a blowhard.

Not that I have any particular person in mind. 🙂

Thanks for blogging Phil. It’s good of you to actually talk to the fans.

One thing I like about Arod is that he still goes out and signs balls before the game especially for kids. I know it’s not possible to reach superstar status and stay assessible but I like the effort when it’s there. I usually go to about 6-8 games a year and when I get there early I always see the same players out and about with the kids.

I will miss seeing the players come to work at the new Stadium where the garage is enclosed. One of the fun things now is to see the players come in…I can’t believe there’s only one more year of that! But some of the greats like Mo always wave to the fans. Very nice. Fans appreciate that.

No doubt you will be a great pitcher and the fact that you have this blog says so much about you. Thanks!!!

25 01 2008

The fact that you’re even doing this is great, Phil. And it is interesting to get insight into one of our fave players and our fave team. You’re doing great with a mix of blogging about your interests and what’s going on in baseball and with the Yankees. Thank you!

25 01 2008

Just keep up with the informal discussions. Its cool to talk music and movies with a player on our favorite team.
And give us a clue to the Office quote for cryin out loud!!! haha

25 01 2008

Blog has been great so far Phil. I would love to hear about what your interaction with teammates are like. Do guys like Jeter and A-Rod embrace you? Are they kind of doing their own thing at 30 something years old? Do Pettitte and Mo teach you things about work ethic? That kind of stuff

25 01 2008

it would be sweet if you could get some of your fellow team mates to contribute. Otherwise it is the best MLB player blog in the world

25 01 2008

Just found this today…. via the article on the Yanks site…. so, what do I want to see from this blog?

That the pictures at the top always show you in pinstripes (Minnesota can keep Santana!).

Go Yanks! Hope you have a great season Phil!!! 🙂

25 01 2008

You should change the name of the blog to “99 problems but a pitch ain’t one”.

25 01 2008

I think this blog needs more cowbell.

25 01 2008

I would like to hear interesting little known facts and superstitions about you and some of your fellow bombers. I would also like to hear your opinion of hitters that are the toughest to pitch against and how you go about dissecting your video that you watch pre-game.

Bye the way, I would rather have you than Johan any day. You will win more games then him from this day on~bye far. What he has done so far for Minnesota means nothing, only the future and the next Yankee Dynasty- led bye you, Joba, and Ian.

Have an AWESOME SEASON, and keep up the AWESOME Blog!!

25 01 2008

This is fantastic. I’ve been a regular to Pat Neshek’s site for a few months now, and it’s great. I’m more excited that I can follow a Yankee.

My request would be that you keep the commitment to this thing for the entire season, despite the grind and effort it would take.

Please let me thank you for the time you took to sign auto’s while in Syracuse last year with SWB. You were patient and polite, and a truly first class representative of the Yankee organization. I hope that stays with you for the rest of your career. Best wishes for a strong season.

25 01 2008

whoops I got to change my name to 161standriverave LOL

25 01 2008

hey phil, listen i just wanted you to know how much we yankee fans appreciate you interacting with us, i mean its true alot of us dont get the privelage to interact with the players and the team as a whole that we live and die for, so thank you! i’ve been a yankee fan since i was born….. born and raised in nyc, i really think your gonna be a very dominant pitcher, thank god your on our side, and most importantly thank god you arent a twin! what the hell were hank and hal thinking??? lol go get em this year!

25 01 2008

Hey Phil,

Sorry if this is something repeated all ready but I’d def like hearing about the hard workouts u and Joba are going through to get ready for the season. I think its great you guys are allready in Tampa training. Cant wait for the season.

26 01 2008

Phil good luck this year. Hope things go good for you and the Yankees, also we miss you over at

And the rest of the gang say hey!
Hope to see you on there in the near future.

(Pine Tar)

26 01 2008

Opps that above post should read
not ports lol

26 01 2008

Lets hear about the clubhouse practical jokes…

26 01 2008

I would like to see videos of stuff that happens in the clubhouse, see what pro-ballers act like before a game

26 01 2008

Hi Phil
Welcome to YANKEE LAND…..I think this is really great what your doing…baseball players are human to & need a life. I played ball when I was younger (nonprofessional). Have been a Yankee Fan all my life started when I was 6 yrs old watching Mickey & Yogy..I have seen players come and go……..
Never got a chance to talk to a Yankee personelly So when you start making the MILLIONS never forget were it all started for you. We are human to.
From NJ but down here in Tampa Bay area now only 10 miles away from Legends field Have gone to Spring training the past 2 yrs so I’ll see you in a couple of weeks…….Best of luck to you welcome aboard wish you well

26 01 2008

dont do steroids. we’d rather you suck than cheat.

27 01 2008

First off I want to say that I am so relieved that Cashman is sticking with his instincts and deciding to stay with his young talent (you in particular). I was most impressed with your progression last year and proud of the contribution you made to the N.Y. Yankees rotation. I stay firm in my belief that you were one of the most consistent on the mound last year. While Johan Santana is a helluva pitcher, to say the very least, I believe your potential is undeniable and if you continue to progress as you have that the sky is the limit.

I am new to this site so I would like to see more of a welcome mat for new bloggers entering this arena for the first time. Something to make people feel that they can just jump on in and join the fun. Thanks!

27 01 2008

Can you tell us what you see from this team going into the 08′ season? Do you think we have everything we need to make a real run this year. I know that is what all Yanks fans need, the title where it belongs…the Bronx!!!!

27 01 2008

Hey Phil,

Great website…..glad your still with the team. I will be rooting for you in ’08.


27 01 2008

Hey, Phil;
Can’t wait to see the team this year. Thanks for starting the blog, it’s great to get a glimpse into the life of an MLB’er. I can’t think of anything to add at the moment, but whenever I think of something, I’ll be sure to throw in my 2 cents. Talk to ya later, bro.


27 01 2008

Phil, man, I love the site. I’m looking forward to a big season from you this year, and many years to come.

I’m glad you’re still around, I’ve defended you being traded in every argument with my friends who want Johan, and now that I see you’re sticking with #65, I’m getting that jersey.

Quick question though, do you know if Joba’s gonna stick with 62? Cuz he’d be my next jersey after you (of course!!)

Good luck this year, bro, we’re all rooting for ya!

28 01 2008

Mr. Hughes,

How ironic that you played in Scranton and are a fan of “The Office.” I am also a fan and made it to the convention (I live five minutes from Scranton). I did some volunteer work for it, got some pictures and autographs. I even managed to record the Scrantones playing the opening show theme live. Great weekend and of course you know that, “There ain’t no party like a Scranton party ’cause a Scranton party don’t stop!”

Best of luck with the blog and your career. We’re glad you are a Yankee and hope you are there for a while.

28 01 2008

Hi Phil – I’m very impressed with your candor and desire to reach out to fans. My wife and I were at a Yankee spring training game at Legends Field last year. While we had a great time, the one thing that disappointed was that when the players were crossing from the locker room to the practice field, kids were calling out to them hoping for an autograph, a handshake or some acknowledgement. With the exception of one rookie (I do not recall his name or number) who stopped to sign autographs, not a single other player even so much as glanced our way. I understand that there is a schedule to keep, but a wave to the fans by AROD or Derek or Mo wouldn’t have cost any time. From everything I’ve read about you, and especially what I’ve read that you have written here on your blog, you seem to be a nice, grounded kid. I hope you will always remember the fans and give us a wave and a smile when you hear us calling your name.

Lots of great luck to you in your career. I hope you remain a Yankee and continue to make us proud!


28 01 2008

What’s up Phil? Good to find your blog. I think it is awesome that you are choosing to be transparent with your life. Very impressive.

On another note, are you already working out and training in Tampa right now? I know that pitchers and catchers aren’t scheduled to report to spring training for a few weeks. If you are already there, what are you working on? Who else is there early getting ready for the season.

Best of luck to you in your career. Keep being real. That is truly heroic. Glad to see you back in the pinstripes. Be good bro.


28 01 2008

Brian Bannister did a great Q&A over at in which he talked at length about how he approaches the game beyond the physical level, in other words, how he uses statistics to his advantage.

I think we’d all like to know how you use statistics to prepare and become a better pitcher.

29 01 2008

I’d love it if you gave updates on how you feel and your thoughts after all your starts. It’s definitely understandable if you can’t though, obviously it would be tough for a major league player to do that.

29 01 2008

Here is an issue to discuss. Are players in touch with the fans?

I have two sons (9 and 6), and both are avid Yankee fans. I am in The Coast Guard so we move alot ( I live in Tampa now), and see alot of baseball games. Why don’t players sign autographs anymore? Out of at least 10 games, we got one (It was a big one! Mariano Rivera). I have heard that there are concerns with merchandising and security; is that true? In some cases I think there is a barrier growing between fans and players.

I like this blog very much! It seems that you are making a supreme effort to touch base with the fans.

As a player do you think that players are becoming distant from the fans?

30 01 2008

I just want to say how happy i am that phil is staying in pinstripes. I have been following him since he was drafted and think that a lot of people are going to be surprised at how good this young man does this year.

1 02 2008

Mr. Hughes,

Congratulations on having your hard work pay off and ending up in the Yankees rotation. I’m a New Yorker living in Seattle who coached the Guam National Baseball team to within three wins of the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney. I continue to be active in youth sports in this area now, and I’m always looking for helpful tips for young ballplayers. It would be great if you had a special section for our young people on ideas, information, tips and more that helped you-and continue to help you-be the pitcher and athlete you are today. Also, the young club I run now has 5000 children in it, and we have a couple of annual events that keep the program moving forward. Are you ever available to fly out to friendly Seattle (Many Yankees fans out there!) for a day or so if our club set you up with airfare, hotel, car and a per diem? I know you are being pulled in many directions, but a player like you showing up can really make the difference in an event like the ones we throw here in the Great Northwest. Thank you for this blog, for your time and can’t wait to see you shine this year. My email address is if you have a moment of time.
Thank you again. Ryan

9 02 2008

Hi Phil
Just got back from Legends Field & there was no one there

9 02 2008


There won’t be any players at Legends Field until Thursday (2/14).

9 02 2008

Phil said they were working out in The tampa complex… Legends….so went over there but no on e there….I know spring training starts on thursday……
just wanted to check out

9 02 2008

They’re working out at the minor league complex until they officially report to spring training.

10 02 2008

Nice new # 34

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