Interview with Pete

29 02 2008

The Q&A with Pete Abraham is up over at his blog. Check it out. It was nice to not have to answer solely baseball questions for a change. Hope you enjoy!

Random Picture of the Day

28 02 2008

My nieces Stella (left) and Petra (right)


Q&A wrapped up

28 02 2008

Pete Abraham and I finished the Q&A today. I’ll have it posted sometime tomorrow along with some audio if I can figure it out. 

Random Picture of the Day

27 02 2008

View from my hotel room in Toronto last season…


Quick day…

27 02 2008

Today was a short day at the ballpark. Mike Mussina and Jeff Karstens are matching up in the intrasquad game this afternoon. Pete Abraham over at his blog will be covering it closely. 

On another topic Shelley is trying to organize a Yankees vs. Cardinals Halo tournament later today. He’s got his brother Chris Duncan and Anthony Reyes in on it, as well as a few other guys. Should be interesting.

Record Setting Day

26 02 2008

Tyler Kepner of The Times wrote an article today about the blog. As a result the hits for today have shot up to 23,000+ and counting. I know a lot of these people won’t be returning visitors but it’s pretty cool that the word is getting out. Just wanted to thank everyone for the continued support.

Oh and I had to mention that Joba will be on Rome is Burning in a few minutes, so check that out. Be back later.

Question & Answer time….

25 02 2008

Starting now and ending on Tuesday at 6 p.m., submit a question for me to answer. Pete Abraham also will take questions for me at his blog. We’ll pick the best one and post the answers later this week. Please, only one question per person and make them original. 

Nice view…

24 02 2008

I noticed in the comment section a few requests for a picture of the newly decorated wall of Mike Mussina’s locker that you may have read about. Sorry about the crappy picture, it’s from my phone. The only thing I will take credit for is hanging the clock on the left wall.(the right side of my locker)


Be sure to check back later tonight or tomorrow for something Peter Abraham and I have been working on. 

Hanging out with Yankees On Deck….

23 02 2008

I’m very happy to have the YES Network over right now filming a segment for their show Yankees on deck. This episode will air sometime in May so check it out! 


22 02 2008

 I recently created a new email address specifically for questions, concerns, etc. regarding the blog. Feel free to drop me a line. That’s what it’s for.