Daytona & 34

12 02 2008

As I wrote before I went to Daytona Beach over the weekend for the Budweiser Shootout. We were there pretty much all of Saturday but it was a blast. Being down in the pit for the race was unbelievably loud but an awesome experience.   

Also, i checked the Yankee website and they have my number as being 34 now so I guess it’s done.  



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12 02 2008

you are the man. living the dream.


12 02 2008

great picture-you and IPK are going to be HUGE for us this year-

12 02 2008


Would you ever go again?

Just asking because I’ve never been to a race like that before.

12 02 2008

yah must been a great experience , my fav driver won in his new team so that it was awsome, almost time for baseball to start

12 02 2008

Glad to hear you had a good time! I heard from someone that the shootout was a big deal this year…I guess someone big won or something…clearly I don’t follow NASCAR, but it sounded like you couldn’t have picked a better time to go.

It’s snowing in New York right now, as it has been all day. The city looks so beautiful when it’s covered in snow…it’s too bad you’re not here to see it, though. It really is quite the sight, and at least for me, it makes you fall in love with this city all over again…

12 02 2008

Phil, you have to start wearing stirrups like Ian. We wore stirrups to work on the days Ian pitched last year and seems to have been good luck.

12 02 2008

only 1 and a half days left. good luck this year

12 02 2008

Lots of Luck with #34

12 02 2008

any particular reason you chose #34?

12 02 2008

saw it on tv and looks like you guys had alot of fun! so 34 is official. st is soooo soon!! and i just realized 34 is 7. and 7 is my favorite number. anyway good lucckk

12 02 2008

i cant wait for the season to start n glad the numbers have been set so i can order my #34 jersey =) so are you ready for this season phil? i know youll be awesome cause you just have that natural talent hope to see you in new york soon!

12 02 2008

Hey Phil, looks like you guys had a great time! Great picture with you and Ian in the pits. Good luck this season, Timmy Oz

12 02 2008

It’s so crazy that I’m only a month and a half older than you, but I’m stuck up at school in Binghamton where theres a blizzard dropping massive snow outside right now and you’re in Tampa playing my fav. sport on my fav. team as a profession.
Jealousy is never a good look on anybody. But seriously man I hope you enjoy it and appreciate it. Well I’ll be rooting for you all spring and summer at the stadium. Can’t wait to start going back to the stadium. Oh and btw tell IPK to work on that half smile of his. Haha jk.
P.S. you know any sites or stores that already got your #34 jersey? If you missed a comment I made a few days back, its my absolute fav. # from childhood and I’m so pumped that a Yankee I can actually root for will be donning it now. #34 is gonna do wonders for you bro. No doubt about it.


12 02 2008

Hey Phil, I noticed the number change a couple of days ago, which means the player is always the last to know….lol 34 is a good number for you.
More importantly, go out and have a safe Spring Training. We are ALL looking forward to see what you can do with those 180-200 innings this year.

12 02 2008

Sounds like a lot of fun and I hope you are as successful with 34 as Nolan Ryan was.

12 02 2008

The secrets of number 34 are revealed here by the folks at

12 02 2008

I’m heading to Spring Training workouts with my two young sons next week. Any recommended spots for viewing you and the rest of the team? Best of luck in your first full year in the Majors.

12 02 2008

I went to a race once….Once. Okay I’ve never been. I just wanted to fit in. I’ll leave now.

12 02 2008

Looks like it was an awesome experience. Not the biggest NASCAR fan but that must be enjoyable for anyone. How did Mr. Waltrip go about contacting you guys? Was he down for ST?

12 02 2008

Glad to see you checking out NASCAR, it’s a great sport and a great time.

I’m new to the site, but a lifelong Yankee fan. Diehard.
I am excited for the new season and some young arms manning the rotation. Excited to see what you can do.

As a journalist I am also excited to see you blogging and interacting with your fans as much as you can. It’s great to see the young athletes connect with their fans in this hitech world.

Regards and best of luck with 34,
Seth M. Murphy (age 24)
Sports Editor
Titusville Herald, Titusville, PA

12 02 2008

A couple more days til pitchers and catchers…can’t wait to get this year started. Should be an exciting spring with the young guns ready to contribute all year.

Phil…who would you say is another young pitcher from the system to watch for this year besides you, Joba or Ian? I hear a lot about Horne and Marquez…

Thanks for the updates…its cool that you take the time to interact with us fans…lets go yankees!

12 02 2008

Your fastball is better then then Nascar. hahaha

12 02 2008


Lots of luck with the new number. 🙂

Also, thanks for the pictures.

13 02 2008

you didn’t bring your boy Joba?

13 02 2008

shelly duncan looks like matthew lillard.

13 02 2008

Thanks for sharing with us, Phil. Looks like you guys are getting revved up for the season! And you will make 34 special.

13 02 2008

Wow. You are so tall and very different from TV or ball game.

13 02 2008

daytona must have been sweet man, changed your # to 34 huh? Thats alright you’ll see me in section 39 rocking the 65. Keeping it old school. Have a good time in Tampa and for the love of god please stay healthy.

13 02 2008

Love the picture. Totally jealous…

13 02 2008

“Being down in the pit for the race was unbelievably loud…”

WHAT??? (Sorry, bad joke.)

Spent an evening at the Richmond spring race some years back. It’s a short track so you never really stop hearing the cars as they go around. Fortunately my friends thought to bring extra ear plugs for me so I wouldn’t hear ringing for weeks on end.

Anywho, glad to see you guys having fun!

14 02 2008

Looks like you guys had fun. Glad to see the number change is final. Now I can buy a jersey. Kevin

14 02 2008

Phil, tell Ian to grow some facial hair. He looks 12 🙂

14 02 2008

You just scored big time points with my husband – the biggest Yankee fan I know. His all-time favorite driver is Dale Jarrett. Niiiiiice pic!

I’m new to your blog! I look forward to reading about your adventures with the greatest ball club on Earth. Good luck this season! As they say out in my neck of the woods, GIVE’R!!

15 02 2008

nice pics. looks like fun. raceing is so exicting.

15 02 2008

haha wow you got some height on ian, gotta wonder how you can get much more irish than him

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