First few days…

16 02 2008

Everything is going well so far at camp. I threw my first bullpen today and I’m happy with where my arm strength is at this point of the spring. I feel like being in Tampa early and throwing some sides before really helped. If I get a chance throughout the course of the day I’ll do my best to take a few phone camera pictures of anything interesting. Also, I’ve said this before but I try to respond to all the mail I get during spring training. As of when I left the field today they were working on filling up my 4th bucket. So if you sent something please be patient. I promise I’ll try.



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16 02 2008

Pics would be cool man…word is you guys are doing a lot more running this year under Girardi…is this true?

16 02 2008

Love the blog, Phil!

What’s it like with Joe G? Is he beating on you guys or what?

16 02 2008

Looking forward to seeing you pitch this year Phil, have a great Spring!

16 02 2008

Thanks for taking the time to update Phil! I am sure you have been very busy and that Joe is working you guys pretty tough.

I know many of us fans are looking forward to the excitement and energy that Joe will bring to the team. He has always impressed me.

Hope that arm stays strong. Take good care of it, and take care of yourself. Enjoy these days! It is great for us fans to see the team come together in Tampa. I just finalized my ticket plan so I will be cheering for you from Section 39.

16 02 2008

How is your preparation different this year given that you’ve most likely made the team just by showing up to camp?

Does it take some pressure off, or do you still feel like you have something to prove?

16 02 2008

Phil, if I send you a picture with a self-address envelope, would you sign it?

Ps. Looking forward to handing you a beatdown in MLB 2K8 if you get it.

16 02 2008

Hey Phil, glad to hear everything is going good at training camp! Can’t wait for the preseason games to start. Can’t wait to see the pics! Also I heard that the strike is over, SOOOO The Office should have new shows soon! 🙂

16 02 2008

Phil I almost bought your jersey today, but I remembered you just changed your number…. Has anyone else changed theirs too?

16 02 2008

Whats up Phil. Dont strain yourself too much, we’re gonna need you this summer big guy. Knock on wood.
Anyway enjoy the weather down there and its awesome to see you come early to spring training and get ahead you in preparations. Dedication is definitely appreciated from us Yankee diehards.
Good luck this spring training and watch out for the older guys. Show them that us young guys can hang.

Random question: Other than baseball, what one specific hobby interests you outside of practice, bp sessions, and coaches meetings?


16 02 2008

Hi Phil & Fans
Just got back from Legends( Steinbrenner)Field…You all look good ,Giriardi got you moving he’s watching ever move,,,His got you doing all those stretching exercises….much better then last year when you hardly ever seen Torre….I think Joe is going to do a good job…….Your ball seem to be moving pretty good….
The only problem was you walked right passed me when you where walking out of the pitching pen out in left field & didn’t say HI ,,,,Mariano looked up & said Hi Bill……..Was great to see you all back uniform

16 02 2008

Franchise when is the next contest?? that will be cool! , i dont care if the prize is a smely shirt!!! 😀

ps : if i win would you sent it to Peru or its only for US fans?? if i have to pay for the package i definetly will!!!!!!!!!!!

16 02 2008

Hi Phil,

Do what’s up with having your locker moved next to Moose and IPK? Is Moose the kind of guy that likes to work with the youngsters?

Keep healthy and keep blogging!


16 02 2008

Hey phil,
Just wanted to let you know i sent you a letter and a card.Have a great season, and good luck.


16 02 2008

Got some pic’s of spring training……& I got one of you pitching, Phil
If anyone wants to see I can email them to you

16 02 2008

so excited that it started already. now we’re all just looking forward to you and everyone else start pitching in the new season! wish i could be there at st !! but excited to go alot of games in ny!

16 02 2008

you guys got a legit conditioning trainer? I think the one last year that got fired was a Red Sux fan. I hope you, Joba, and Ian tun out to be a triple threat in the MLB.

16 02 2008

It’s great that you and Ian are friends. Cool. Good luck. Look at this website..


16 02 2008

hi Phil,

Saw on pete abraham’s blog that you are throwing well. Keep it up! Can’t wait to see you pitch in ST games.

16 02 2008

Heard you were pitching really well today and Posada was impressed. Keep up the good work; looking forward to seeing you play in the Bronx!

By the way, thanks for keeping up with the blog as regularly as you do. You’re probably very busy right now, and it means a lot that you’re taking the time out to do this for us. So again, thank you very much. =)

16 02 2008

Glad to hear everything went well, Phil. I think those few extra weeks you were down in Tampa will definitely be a benefit to you, esp. as the year progresses. I love ST – there is such hope in their air, for every team.

Thanks for taking the time to answer your mail even though you’re busy preparing for the season. Fans really appreciate this kind of effort that you are making to stay in touch with them.

Looking forward to seeing some pics – everyone must be exhausted from the drills that Joe has instituted. lol

16 02 2008

Spring is in the air!! I cannot wait for the season to start, or at least for spring training games to be on tv!

16 02 2008

Phil, I love you more than the guy who is about to post after me

16 02 2008

Dang. Sorry Phil, I’ve got much love for you, but not as much as I love my wife and kids or the person above me.

16 02 2008

Phil, you are the greatest thing to happen to the New York Yankees franchise since Derek Jeter.

16 02 2008

LonghornKhoa is a tool, I was talking about Nyyfan

16 02 2008


I just wanted to express gratitude to you for taking the time to read and respond to (most of) your fan mail. I sent you something to sign and I hope I’m one of the lucky ones who gets a return. Knock on wood. Regardless of whether I do or not, thanks for taking the time. I for one appreciate it.


16 02 2008

That’s very nice of you!! I sent Jeff Karstens something last May when he broke his leg and still havent got anything back?? Glad to hear you are feeling much better!! Looking soo forward to Yankee baseball!!

16 02 2008

hey Phil, what’s up? I heard Posada was impressed with your bullpen session. I’m excited to hear that. Can’t wait to see you pitch this year. I hope you, Kennedy, and Joba have a great season. Good Luck this year and Go Yankees. About how many innings and wins do you expect to get this year. Bring back a 27th world championship to New York!

16 02 2008

Looks like camp is going well so far. I am curious…how fast are you throwing? I mean..after you got injured you were throwing in the low 90’s (90-92). Has your velocity increased? You are one of the best at answering fanmail and your fans really appreciate it. Thanks. Kevin

16 02 2008

If you have time, post a pic of the buckets of mail…I’d love to see how much you’ve received! Good luck this year!

16 02 2008

Great. Girardi’s children are so cute.

16 02 2008

Philthy’s gonna kick ass this year. 15 wins.
We don’t need no stinkin’ Santana!!

16 02 2008

Phil: I heard that spring training is like boot camp under Girardi (don’t get me wrong, I’m a HUGE GI Joe fan…he was quite the field manager when he was the catcher for the Yankees). How are you guys holding up? I heard that one pitcher said that it felt like Navy Seal training and that if there was a pool you’d be swimming (not that that would suck too much!).

I LOVE that you answer fan mail…you know the NY fans LOVE YOU and campaigned mightily this winter to keep you when there was talk of trade. Check out to see the “Save the Big Three!” tee shirts. They were selling briskly during the Santana talk. People even bought them and sent them to the Yankee front office!!!

So we love you. And we are glad you are here!!!!

16 02 2008

Glad spring training has started off well for you. And I have a feeling that if you try and answer all the mail you get, you’ll never have time for anything else… especially blogging! So don’t get too bogged down. I’m glad you’re happy with your arm strength – that means we should be happy too. and don’t forget to have fun during Spring Training!

16 02 2008

Phil, Is there a particular reason that Mussina asked that your locker be moved next to his?
Is he a good mentor to you and Ian? Does anyone in camp look surprisingly good?
I’d like some news on Alan Horne and Jeffrey Marquis if you can provide any insight. Do either of them have a legitamate chance of making the big club?
Good luck and stay healthy…

16 02 2008

Pics would be great Phil.
Good to hear that you’re doing well to start off the spring.
It just makes me anticipate the start of the season that much more.

16 02 2008

It’s Marquez not Marquis.

16 02 2008

Is the atmosphere any different under Girardi? Girardi said that no starting spot is safe and you have to work hard to earn your position, Does that scare you?

16 02 2008
Ron Davis

Glad things are looking good.

As you get time, I’d be interested in hearing your approach on preparing for the season, like how you’re preparing that might be different than normal, why you’re doing those things, etc.

16 02 2008

best of luck this year!

16 02 2008

Hi Phil,

I decided to finally sign up after seeing your website is inactive. Have a great season and see you in Chicago this year. Its been fun following your career so far.

16 02 2008

A big Yankeefan hello from the UK.
Am loving the blog, it’s nice to see behind the scenes, especially being so far away from the action (and the lovely weather!). Please have some sympathy for those of us over in the UK who don’t get to sleep April to October just so we can watch the games live… damn time difference 😉
Hope you have a great spring training and look forward to catching more of your starts this season.

16 02 2008

wow that must be alot of fan mail!! im sure it can be hard looking though all that mail. pictures would be nice but if you cant get them its no big deal. im sure your throwing well!! cant wait to see you and the team.

16 02 2008

Thanks for the update Phil. I am sending you a 1/1 I have of you for your collection with my request. Hopefully you get to it.

16 02 2008

Thanks for answering the questions about the mail. Beckett message boards, as you know make people hopeful of getting things back. Thanks for making the effort to get stuff back to all of us.

I look forward to seeing you in a few weeks in Tampa. Good luck this spring

16 02 2008


Best of luck to you this season. Enjoy the heat. New York isn’t kind in April weather wise.

16 02 2008

I also wanted to add that your blog is great, and it’s really cool to be able to read about the future of the team. I’ve been collecting your cards for a few years, and I like you in the rotation.

16 02 2008

On your 4th bucket already? Not that I’m really surprised, of course. Good luck keeping up! 😀 (There are worse things in life.) Looking forward to all the news you can share…

16 02 2008

Love to see some pics! Glad things are going well Phil! =)

16 02 2008

Can you get Carl Pavano’s auto for me, Phil?

16 02 2008

Phil, you are the man!! I can’t believe you’re doing this blog, and you actually got me into doing one now (I have more time than you do, though 🙂 ) Anyway, Santana would’ve been nice in the Bronx, but since it meant probably giving you up, I’m glad he’s in Queens!! Here’s to a great year by you, Ian, Wang and Andy. 25-3 with a 1.74 a’la Gator would be great, but 14-16 wins by you would be good too. Canyon of Heroes here we come!

17 02 2008

Great to read Phil, hope it continues to go well!

17 02 2008

ive got a good song you should come into
“ladies and gentlemen” by saliva…this song is great to get amped up to

17 02 2008

Don’t listen to emobacca; stay away from Carl Pavano at all costs. When I heard that you had moved your locker next to Moose, the first thing I thought was: “Thank goodness he’s not near Pavano anymore.” Then I thought about how awesome it was that Moose is so willing to talk to and help you guys. Is there one piece of advice in particular that stands out to you or has made you re-think your approach with a certain pitch?

Also, when people say that they love you, it’s in that really innocent platonic way that fans love players of their fave team. At least, I hope so…

Glad to hear that everything is feeling good so far. As a fan, I simply hope that everything stays in working order this year. Thank you for taking the time out to listen to us Yankee- and Phil-Enthusiasts and answer us back.

17 02 2008

hey phil, got a question for you. i have done ttm autos before with cards,but i was hoping to do a couple romlb’s. i know you must have tons and tons of mail coming in. but i was wondering. how do you do with ttm baseball auto requests. im sending you 2 baseballs. one for myself and one for you to possibly inscribe to my daughter emily. if there is any chance of that happening. i will send out asap. if not, maybe i should wait till you come to angels stadium and i can try there. again, i am really sad im not in fl anymore b/c i used to be there every day practically watching you guys do your workouts and games. i wish you the best of luck again.james

17 02 2008

phil, you have a blog, and one of the few if not the only player i know that does. im sure people will forgive you with fan mail, you can only do so much, and your already doing more than any other player ive ever seen. keep up the good work, on the blogs, with the fans, and more importantly on the field!

17 02 2008

Hey, I just read Moose had your locker moved next to his. You have any specific pitching questions you wanna pick his mind about?

17 02 2008

hey phil…. any chance you’ll stop to sign some autographs before i head back home on tuesday… would be real nice to finally get you IP, i know that one side field has like no access right now due to some construction work so its only the main field and then the next side field that are open to the public. if you can, that would be great.


17 02 2008

Thanks for the update Phil. I’m glad the arms feels good. How does the hammy feel?

17 02 2008


I can’t wait to watch your first no-hitter get completed. You would have had it in Texas as you were lights out that day. What people just don’t get was that it was your second (or so) start ever in the majors. Right then and there, I knew you were the real deal. And, then Joba and Ian come along as well. The youth movement going on for the Yanks is awesome and it makes every day Christmas for old time Yankee fans like me! I’m 45 and have four kids and they’ve all become Yankee fans without me even forcing them if you can believe it.

17 02 2008

That Saliva song “Ladies & Gentlemen” is pretty good …especially the part ..”do you want it…do you need it”. Pretty much says it all …Yankee fans want it and need it …a HUGHES WIN !!! Championship 27 !!!

Did you ever decide on a song Phil?

Smart man for going down ahead of time and preparing ….seems you have impressed everyone with your first BP …keep it up Phil. Looking forward to
an exciting season with the trinity. Shout out to Moose for taking you under his antlers too … :o)

Go Yankees 2008 !!!

17 02 2008

Happy to see your staying with the Yanks this year, saw you a couple of times at Scranton and hoping to see you at spring training Feb. 29th or March 2. Do you think it made the jump from Scranton to the Yanks easier on yourself coming up all around the same time with Joba, Ian, and Shelley ( the Fab 4)? Good Luck this year and I’ll see you guys from section 43!

17 02 2008

You are the man phil. Keep up the good work!

17 02 2008

hey phil, everyone keeps talkin about if joba’s innings limits, but you and ian are just a year or two older than him too! Will you guys have innings limits this year too?

17 02 2008

Was emobacca asking for Pavano’s autograph, or his wrecked car? 🙂

17 02 2008

4 buckets of fan mail? Watch your hand/arm, Phil, because that fan mail can be dangerous! I think it’s great that you try to get to it even though it can really get impossible. Like to hear that spring training is going great and get your updates.

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