Today’s Tunes

18 02 2008

Here’s a rundown of what I have playing right now…

1. Into the Night- Santana
2. Devil’s Dance- Metallica
3. Studying Politics- Emery
4. Stop and Stare- OneRepublic
5. Bury Your Head- Saosin
6. War All the Time- Thursday
7. Call to Arms- Angels & Airwaves
8. The Artist in the Ambulance- Thrice

I’m also going to post the next contest tonight with a picture of the prize. (hopefully) 



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18 02 2008

even thought it doesn’t fit in your genre you should add . . . . “Geek in the Pink” by Jason Mraz

18 02 2008

That’s a nice mix of tunes. i’m not familair with Emery. I’ll have to check that out.

And Geek in the Pink is a pretty good tune. I’d agree with brianna.


18 02 2008

Love all that music especially might want to check out Armor For Sleep’s new album since you are into that kind of music.

and can’t wait to see whats in store for the new contest

18 02 2008

interesting music selections – looking forward to your contest

18 02 2008

Nice mix of tunes Phil. I really like it! How’s training going???

~ Beth

18 02 2008

“Call to Arms” is definitely in my most played songs right now too

How was your bullpen today?

ps: I like the new banner!

18 02 2008

Good choices. Love the new banner for the site. Can’t wait for the contest. Kevin

18 02 2008

I love “Stop and Stare”
I’ve been listening to it non-stop lately haha

18 02 2008

Artist in the Ambulance is a sick song…Thrice is a phenomenal band, plus Metallica is always dirty…nice choices Phil

18 02 2008

i really like these music updates. some of the stuff i listen to from from the list is really good

18 02 2008

I have been lovin some OneRepublic lately. Just found out yall are playing in houston the weekend I am flying out from there- so I am pretty excited. Hope all is well and you are enjoying yourself 🙂

18 02 2008

Phil 2 things

1. You need to change that AVA with +44, Tom’s voice is so whiny and prepubescent

2. Please for the love of god, stay as far away from Pavano as you can, I don’t want his pathetic excuse for a major league player anywhere near you, stay in the corner next to moose and learn as much from the guy as you can.

I can’t wait to see you pitch, and have a good rest of the time in Spring Training

18 02 2008

Hey Phil!

Great blog, I love reading it. I’m 22 years old, and I can’t even fathom how awesome it must be to be in the MLB. I actually was at your debut at the Stadium, if you’d like the ticket stub (it was way up in tier 2) I wouldn’t mind giving it to you.

Also, Saosin rocks, great song. If you dig them, check out Circa Survive – another great band that sounds like Saosin.

Look forward to watching you pitch, would love to chat one on one with you sometime!

18 02 2008

Umbrella- Rhianna w/ Travis Barker (Remix) Makes that song so much better
Crank Dat- Soulja Boy w/ Travis Barker (Remix) See above
Capricorn- 30 Seconds to Mars
Hands Held Bleeding- Imperfectly Perfected
Fuel- Metallica S&M

That’s what I am rocking out tonight.

Can’t wait for the new contest Phil. I am SO hoping to win and add something from you to my showcase.

18 02 2008

BTW- I like the topper better than the paint swatches

18 02 2008

Do Today what others do tomorrow so tomorrow you can do what other’s can’t!!

18 02 2008

I work at a radio station where I got to college. Our format is Alternative Rock. Give it a listen sometime, I think you would really like it.

18 02 2008

I just saw Thrice live in Toronto on Friday, they played with a new Canadian band called ‘Attack in Black’. You should check their debut album out called Marriage, it’s pretty good since they are up for some awards here in Canada.

18 02 2008

Nice work on OneRepublic, check out Pictures of You by The Last Goodnight its a similar song and really good.

18 02 2008

no more emo junk phil, need you pumped up! more hard rock and metal. ive heard johnny damon is into that stuff, hit up his ipod!!

new soilwork cd is awesome. so is the new bullet for my valentine.

18 02 2008

dude that’s so awesome! i work for Thursday’s management and we’re all huge Yankee fans! drop me a message – dan at

18 02 2008

the artist in the ambulance is one of my favorite songs.. your taste in music runs similar to mine. thrice and metallica…good music

19 02 2008

Gotta Love Santana. The Best

19 02 2008

great taste in music Phil, i’d love to see some alt genres showcased at the stadium, maybe a sick entrance song??

19 02 2008

entrance song? well, he would be the only starting pitcher with one….

19 02 2008


Metallica stopped being relevant in 1988 (from a serious metal fans perspective). Now they are just a laughing stock, no matter how many people buy their albums.

Try some heaiver music on for size. Here’s a band straight from Tampa, FL:

19 02 2008


I couldn’t have been happier to see Bury Your Head on that list…thats the best song by Saosin and has been a favorite of mine for years. I knew there was a reason I liked you…..

ever get into AlexisOnFire?

19 02 2008

NICE….Studying Politics is one of my favorite songs ever.

19 02 2008

“Hero of the Day” by Metallica, the live version from the S&M Album. Highly recommended, absolutely a fantastic song and an amazing album. Glad to see you are a Metallica fan, the old stuff I am sure

19 02 2008

2. Devil’s Dance- Metallica


You rock.


19 02 2008

Hey Phil,
Devil’s Dance, Live from S&M or studio. The S&M album rocks. Im coming down march 8th for some spring training see you then.

19 02 2008

old thrice is so good.. i’ve seen them at warped tour in oc a bunch of times.
if you like them check out tiger army.. they’re pretty dope too

19 02 2008

Saosin, Thursday, and Thrice.
Great choices.
Especially Saosin.

19 02 2008

love stop and stare and into the night. great music. do you guys have music playing in the statium while you guys workout?

19 02 2008

Get the Acoustic War all the Time from thursday, they did it in record store, it’s pretty badass

19 02 2008

You should listen to “The Ponytail Parades” by Emery. It’s easily the best song they have.

20 02 2008

Studying Politics- Emery

Great song, I was listening to it today too as a matter of fact.

23 02 2008

I’ve got to start listening to some more stuff. The only two artists on your list I know were the first two, and I don’t know the Santana song. Metallica is always a major part of my iPod rotation. I know of Thrice but never listened to them.

24 02 2008

Phil loves Metallica?

I knew you’d be a great one. 😉

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