Contest #3 Closed

20 02 2008

Any entries after 8:45 PM eastern time will not be counted. I’m going to draw the winner and make an announcement around 9PM.



20 responses

20 02 2008

You created a MONSTER of a blog …Mr. Hughesenstein. Now with that said …DID I WIN ??? :o)

Go Yankees 2008 !!!!

20 02 2008

damn…I had just realized you had a contest at 8:43 and my son insisted on going out to look at the eclipse and i rushed back in to enter the contest to see it closed…

20 02 2008

Phil, thanks for caring for your fans.

You’re the greatest.

20 02 2008

The contest was over as soon as I entered.

Just kidding, I hope i win though.

20 02 2008

Phil you really are great to your fans. What gave you the idea to start the blog anyway?

Thanks again for all of your time. We know how busy you probably are!

20 02 2008

This is awesome. Such suspense!

20 02 2008

Thanks again, Phil.

20 02 2008

Thanks Phil.
Hopefully I win.

20 02 2008

Thanks for the awesome contest Phil, even if I don’t win it’s awesome that you are giving stuff away to your fans, alot of athletes don’t do that and/or could care less about there fans.

20 02 2008

this was crazy. i knew there was going to be more than a 1000 entries. thanks for the contest! you’re awesome

20 02 2008

Great idea. Alas, I only have a 1-1100 shot of winning, but if I do win, I’ll take a picture of myself wearing it!

20 02 2008

Seems like an awful lot f work going through 1000 posts searching for contestant entries…Hopefully PH has some sort of program or friend doing the dirty work for him.

20 02 2008

xspike21 wants the fleece BOOYAA!!!!

20 02 2008

Bless your heart for attempting to go through 1125 comments to pick a winner. You continue to make your baseball cards more valuable to me, lol. Thanks Phil!

20 02 2008

You’re such a rockstar, Phil. I’m looking forward to you putting some gear from the 2008 WORLD CHAMPION YANKEES up for grabs in October. 🙂

20 02 2008

Phil, you’re an athlete that really gets blogging. We probably don’t all share the same religious, political or ethnic views and opinions, but we all love the Yankees. And that’s what this blog is. Thanks, Phil!

20 02 2008

Hly crud Phil, you are going to go through that many names to decide? Man, that is just awesome of you, shows you really like your fans 😀

20 02 2008

i hope some of the guys are helping, or your going to be doing it til tomorrow morning and i don’t think mr.girardi will be too happy…but thanks anyways!!!

20 02 2008

Thanks for the great blog Phil. You are really doing a great thing here. Any chance of you doing some more Q & A’s with some of the other guys? Best of luck this season and tell Mr. Pettite we all support him. It takes a big man to accept responsibility for his actions.

20 02 2008

Keep on doing those “Navy Seal” workouts with Andy and Joba…that would be awesome to hear IF you guys kept that tradition going ALL YEAR.

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