22 02 2008

 I recently created a new email address specifically for questions, concerns, etc. regarding the blog. Feel free to drop me a line. That’s what it’s for.



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22 02 2008

Thanks for the address Phil. How is the training going this week? I hear your arm is looking really good so far.

22 02 2008

wow phil, on behalf of all fans out there i just want to say thanks so much for everything you’ve done for all of us! Not a whole lot of players would take the time to interact with their fans like this. It means A LOT to us! thanks again!

22 02 2008

Sounds good. I had something to ask you anyway, so it’s good you mentioned that. thanks alot.


22 02 2008

Good idea Phil. But here’s some fair warning: if you thought your fan mail was a lot, wait to see how many e-mails you get.

22 02 2008

Yeah, if you have anything you want to ask, feel free to email me as well. I’m not sure what you’d ask me, but any inquiries regarding Jeter’s gangster will be answered in substantial detail.

22 02 2008

Hey Phil.
Great to hear about Molina’s comments concerning your velocity today.
I guess that means you’re feeling great in the early going, eh? Any concerns so far?

22 02 2008

lol. I didn’t want to try and e-mail you and bother you thinking it was your personal e-mail. I bet it will be full of fan mail soon.

22 02 2008

Man Phil, you just keep giving the fans access. You are seriously generous with all of us.

Thanks Phil!!

22 02 2008


I’d be really curious to hear about the workout routines you do with Pettitte in the mornings, what sorts of exercises they’re made up of, that sort of thing.

22 02 2008

BTW- I hope that e-mail is unlimited space and on it’s own server cuz it is gonna go off the chart!!

22 02 2008

Thanks for setting up the e-mail Phil? Just curious as to how many boxes of fan mail you’re up to now and if you’ve tried tackling any of it yet?

Take care-


22 02 2008

Hey Phil…it seems like you hang out with Ian Kennedy and Shelley Duncan a lot. Can you let us know who else pals around?

22 02 2008

I hope gmail gives you a lot of space – I have a feeling you’re going to need it. 😀

22 02 2008

Phil–That’s awesome. Just hope Gmail has enough space for all the mail you’re going to get!

22 02 2008

It’s so neat that you’re doing all of this Phil, really. Thank you.
I’ve been at practice all all week… you’re looking good!

22 02 2008

Phil, do you plan on using your slider more this year? I saw that you used it more towards the end of the year (specifically the Tampa Bay game) and it seemed to be a good pitch for you.

22 02 2008

oh, and I forgot to ask…have you picked an intro song for this year when you are warming up to pitch?

22 02 2008

‘derekpeter (16:16:01) :

oh, and I forgot to ask…have you picked an intro song for this year when you are warming up to pitch?’

Great question right there. How about any of the other guys’ songs??

22 02 2008

thanks for the adress. i already used it.

22 02 2008

wow…thanks a lot phil~I can’t believe I am actually emailing someone who I root for on TV~lol
I hope you have a great season!

22 02 2008

Phil, you are AMAZING!!! I will only email you if absolutely necessary because I don’t want you to get inundated or think of me as a stalker chick.

Other than something really important, I will keep it on the blog….YOU ROCK.

The Brian Hoch article was GREAT. You rock!!!!!!! (oops, I already said that!!)

More and more each day. 🙂

~ Beth

22 02 2008

You’re giving out your e-mail address?

You do realize the autograph requests alone will likely generate enough e-mail traffic to cause the entire Internet to come to a crashing halt? That doesn’t even include the “could you get me a ticket” requests and “will you marry me” letters?

That being said – how about an autograph and some tickets to the last game?

Just kidding.

(And no, I’m not making a marriage proposal, either)

22 02 2008

Hi Phil,
I’d be concerned that Mussina thinks you are 22…
Is all that running making you older??

Good job on the email address but boy are you gonna be sorry you posted that 😉

22 02 2008

It’d be a good contest idea, no? Guess how many unread emails I’ve currently got in my inbox?

22 02 2008

your inbox will be overflowing! thats really great. you do this blog and now have this email! its great to hear you’re doing so well. i read it earlier today. makes everyone so much more excited !!

22 02 2008

I’ll do Phil a favor and not send him an email.

He must get a crazy amount of emails.

22 02 2008

Hey Phil~
Thanks for providing the email, but I feel you already go way beyond for us baseball fans! And, yes, I agree with the other comments–you are going to be flooded with mail.

Stay focused and win us another championship. That is what we really want!!!


22 02 2008

I think it is great that the yankees did not trade you that would have been a terrible mistake.The office is a great show very funny.Number 34 is a great number and also with you,Ian kennedy and Joba hopefully bring home world championship 27 for the yankees and beat the redsox in the process to quiet their fans.

22 02 2008

See Phil, you were doing so great then this. Now all the wackos can send you crazy photos of themselves. You better have a large inbox allowance.

Either way can’t wait for games to get underway, I’m real excited for the Yankees’ season this year.

How has Girardi been, and how different from Torre.

22 02 2008

I heard Girardi is working em’ pretty hard 🙂

22 02 2008

I got to say Phil most players these days dont seem to care about the fans anymore. So its very impressive to see a player like you give so much time in his busy schedule just to let us know whats going on. I think I can speak for everyone when I say thank you for everything you do with this blog and now the email just for us. Atleast some players care about the game and the fans more than they do about getting all payed more than everyone else.

22 02 2008

Wow, I give you a lot of respect for giving us fans that kind of access. Amazing.

22 02 2008

It’s so awesome that you take the time to connect with the fans, and it’s much appreciated. Thanks for everything Phil! 🙂

22 02 2008

Phil, you are one cool guy! I can’t express to you enough how nice this is!

22 02 2008

hey phil… im a huge fan and ive been following your minor league days… do you still items that you get in the mail?


22 02 2008

This is pretty amazing, only if more of our beloved Yankees can do this.
Means a lot to the fans, Thanks Phil.

22 02 2008

thanks for the email phil i used it to ask you a question.

22 02 2008

just one more thing please reply to me on email

22 02 2008

Phil – I hope you’re enjoying the Tampa weather. We got 3-6 inches of snow today up north.

I can’t wait for my vacation to spring training.

22 02 2008

Phil, seriously… you are the man! I don’t plan on emailing you, this blog comment area is enough. Hopefully you don’t get swamped with (silly) questions. Do you get help from anyone answering your mail/email? You might need it. Especially with the Phil Hughes following that you’re creating. 😀

Keep working hard! Going to be a great season!

Oh, and I like Rebecca’s idea for the contest – but maybe you can just ask “How many emails did I get today/this week/this month?”

22 02 2008

You tired from workouts yet Phil? 😉 (rhetorical question)

22 02 2008

hey phil
impressed with your generosity! i really appreciate that a dude of your stature is spending this much time and energy on behalf of the fans. can you tell us a little about the workout routines with you and pettitte? i’d be interested. thanks a lot!!!

22 02 2008

Hey Phil! Hope all is going well at spring training. Thanks for keeping us updated!

23 02 2008

Hey Phil –

you’ve been “red flagged” by Will Carroll of baseball prospectus as a high injury risk…

check out my blog post about it here:

As much as I follow and respect sabermetrics, I think I speak for everyone when I say lets hope Will is wrong in your case (and Joba’s for that matter)

Good luck in ’08!

23 02 2008

I’ve seen so many pictures of the Yankee players and everyone looks like they are in great shape, loose and raring to go …I’m so excited for the season to begin and to see you pitch. Hoping you get the no-no you just missed out on last year. Looks like all that pre-ST exercise did the trick …’s so good to hear you are pitching so well so early. Dedication and pride in your work will take you far….along with a level head …looks like you have all those qualities.

I listened to Joba on Pete’s blog…it’s amazing how both of you seem so mature beyond your years. As a parent I can only imagine just how proud your parents and Joba’s Dad is …Go Phil…Go Joba…Go IPK …GOOOOOOOO Yankees !!!!

Yankees 2008 !!!

23 02 2008

Also amazing how brave you are to post an email address…over a 1,000 hits for your last contest so I can only begin to imagine how the email box will be….one word…LOADED !!!!

Go Yankees 2008

23 02 2008


23 02 2008

Well I’m def. going out and buying a Hughes jersey now. Keep going strong Phil.

23 02 2008

going to get my new phil hughes jersey tomorrow.

23 02 2008

Good luck trying to answer even 1/20th of them Phil.

23 02 2008

Phil, you are asking for TROUBLE!! Protect your precious wrist/hand from carpel tunnel because you could be looking over your new email for an eternity! You are generous enough with all the contests, this blog with as hectic as you have it. I think this blog is enough and I think you might come to that conclusion pretty soon. LOL

23 02 2008

I have question, I seen you’ve been working out with Pettitte some. Just wondering what kind of stuff he has you doing.

23 02 2008

You know you’ve made it big when a Boston blog is encouraging their fans to email you and harass you:

Have fun with that.

Here’s a question: What should I do with my Hughes #65 t-shirt I excitedly bought last year? I guess in 10 years it’ll be “old school” and I’ll look like a legit fan who knew from the beginning that you’d be a superstar.

24 02 2008

For those of you who are worried about storage limits . . . the storage limit on gmail is currently over 6 GB, so I think even Phil will be okay.

And Phil, it’s pretty awesome of you to post an email addy for people to use . . . I just hope you don’t get too many people abusing it!

24 02 2008

An email? Wow. I also think your inbox will be filled to capacity, perhaps you should hire a typist?

Thanks for keeping this blog up, it is great 🙂

25 02 2008

Hey Phil did you get my e-mail?

25 02 2008

Peter Abraham written:sat slumped in your chair.Oh very tired, I can imagine.
May I send mail to you? I am afraid you will not have time to go back to mail.
Joe Girardi set his rotation for the next few days.Why not have you?
I really want to see you as soon as possible.

Thank mail that you offered,it is great.

25 02 2008


Thanks for providing a reachable email to leave comments.
How bout a phone number so we can just text you instead?


26 02 2008

phil, this is great being able to write to you like this . did you pick a song to come on to the field ? do you know who’s lockers you’ll be between this year ? anyway , good luck with the upcomming season buudy

26 02 2008

cool…i have a gmail account and i will send you an email.

1 03 2008

Phil I sent you an email regarding Spring Training. Did you see it yet?

7 03 2008

How can you possibly do all this for us with your schedule and traveling?


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