Q&A wrapped up

28 02 2008

Pete Abraham and I finished the Q&A today. I’ll have it posted sometime tomorrow along with some audio if I can figure it out. 



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28 02 2008

Can’t wait Phil!!!!

28 02 2008

I still haven’t even figured out how to get pics in the blog!

28 02 2008

Audio would be friggen sweet,

#27 in ’08 😀

28 02 2008

I’m so excited to read the answers!! I still think there should be a contest with the prize as an exclusive interview. Many of us have baseball/Yankee blogs and that’d be really cool.

28 02 2008

can’t wait =) i check your blog like 5 times a day.. i love all the updates

28 02 2008

ooo with audio? thats great. cant wait for it to be posted!

28 02 2008

I was just reading about Pettitte’s workouts and how Ian and some other guys have started working out with him…. are Andy’s workouts as tough as they say? Can you give us a “typical” workout routine?

28 02 2008

hey phil,
short day today huh. what you got planned for the rest of the day? halo mb? lol anyway, how were the questions? not too hard yeah? well ur blog’s awesome oh and i cant wait to get this year’s mlb game for 360. you into the bigs at all? or mlb ’08?

28 02 2008

how to post audio:

Upload the audio file to a storage site, such as ourmedia.org

Replace Url_of_Your_Audio_File with the path to the audio file. Click
on publish post.



28 02 2008

we are all excited I’m sure. This is just too much fun! 🙂

28 02 2008

If Pete is going to post it as well, why not just link to his post? It would be easier.

28 02 2008

what do you do all day in tampa when you don’t have to be at camp?

28 02 2008

Audio would cool but whatever you can post would be great Phil!

~ Beth

28 02 2008

Awesome Phil!! Can’t wait!!

28 02 2008

I can’t wait.
Nothing is happier than it.

28 02 2008

hey phil can i get shout outs in your next blog? just a simple “shout out goes to californiadan” thanks in advance!

28 02 2008

Can’t wait to see the answers! I doubt my question was answered though. 😛

28 02 2008

Phil good luck tomorrow…make sure you throw some nasty pitches to those boys from USF…You should have a competition between you, Joba and Ian for dinner. Whoever gives up the most hits to the college boys has to buy dinner…

28 02 2008

Can’t wait,
Good luck this sping!

28 02 2008

I just want to know who won the Halofest yesterday? You guys or the Cards guys??

28 02 2008

Phil, been a Yankee fan for 45 years. Welcome to New York and the best of luck for this coming year. John

28 02 2008

I read that you are pitching an inning tomorrow~wish I were there to watch! I bet is it so cool to meet guys like Yogi and Tino and Reggie……

Have fun on Friday!!

~Rebecca Rowe

28 02 2008

Phil, Who won the Halo Tourney? What was the score?

28 02 2008

I am a University of South Florida student and am going to the game tomorrow, I can’t wait!!! I will be taking a lot of photos, Can’t wait to see the young guns, Phil, your awesome man, huge fan!

Oh, a question, where is the best place to get autographs from??? Let me know! Take care man

Joe A.

28 02 2008

sounds exciting. Can’t wait for you to get on the mound and start blowing away batters.

And I am sure you can take those Cards out in Halo…

28 02 2008

Awesome, after this you should try to set up another question and answer thing like you did with Ian. Maybe with Shelly.

28 02 2008

Can’t wait.

No words to describe my jealousy of anyone south of Orlando right now…

28 02 2008

I’m looking forward to the whole thing phil… its really cool that you’re taking the time to do all this.

28 02 2008

Hey Phil big fan of yours here. I was thrilled that you weren’t traded for Santana. Looking forward to the Q&A post tomorrow. I’ve had a Yankees jersey with no number on it for like 12 years. I’m thinking it’s about time I put that 34 on there. I’d love to kick your butt in Halo sometime! Anyway I just wanted to thank you for this. I went through a rough time last year and one of my “Things to Do in 2007” to cheer me up was “Go to Philip Hughes’ first start.” I did and my brother came down from the University of Rhode Island. We cheered for ya and have pics of your first pitch and everything. You were able to give me something to look forward to during a difficult time so thank you for that. Stay healthy down in Florida!

:: ira ::

28 02 2008


You’re unbelievably cool to be doing this. As a former reporter myself, I thought all athletes viewed us as the enemy. Glad it’s not true. Can’t wait to read the Q & A.


28 02 2008

How about a little sneak preview for one of the questions?

28 02 2008

teomcdohl, thanks for the website.


28 02 2008

questions and audio!! awsome!

28 02 2008

Can’t wait to see the questions and audio would be a great bonus indeed. Thank you ^^

29 02 2008

Awesome, can’t wait! Good luck with the audio.

29 02 2008

Read the Q & A on Abraham’s blog….Stranded on an island with Allison your “best friend” huh?? wink wink….hmmmm….interesting.

HAHAHA just kidding!!!

29 02 2008

Here’s my question I sent to Peter Abraham that didn’t get answered. It was pretty good but probably not good enough…

Phil Hughes, I read in one of the local newspapers that you felt it was a relief that you weren’t traded to the Twins for Johan Santana. Would you say that your feelings were hurt because you were almost traded or did you just look at it like it’s just business?


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