Contest #5 winner

10 03 2008

Wow that took no time at all. Thought I made the questions somewhat hard. We must have some hardcore Office fans. I love it. Congrats to jmulv. You’ll be receiving an email soon. I have some other prizes lined up so it shouldn’t be too long before the next contest. Joba and Ian are set to throw in tonight’s game. Should be a good one. Take it easy.

Contest #5

10 03 2008

Like I said earlier this contest will 5 Office trivia questions. Whoever gets all 5 correct first wins. The prize for the contest is the Justin Chamberlain game used signed hat. (shown below) One entry per person. Multiple entries will be disqualified. Please number your answers 1-5. You do NOT need to include the question in your entry. Post your entries as comments. No emails will be accepted. Ok here are the questions.

1. Where is Angela forced to shop for clothes?

2. What is the name of Michael’s computer when it comes to life?

3. What 2 sports does Michael think Oscar would be good at?

4. What is Jim for Halloween?

5. What’s the name of the room Jim and Pam decide to stay in during their visit to Schrute Farms?

Good Luck!