WFAN with Kim Jones

16 03 2008

Just finished up an interview with Kim Jones on her late night radio show. She’ll have Ian on later tonight. I think the show runs from 9pm-12am eastern time. If you miss it I’m pretty sure you can check it out online. Kim threw a couple shout-outs to the blog which was cool. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Good movies?

14 03 2008

Planning a quiet evening at home trying to put today’s outing behind me. Think I might rent a movie. Seen anything good lately? What do you suggest?

While we’re on the topic of suggestions, what should I do for the upcoming contests? I know just a straight up drawing would be the most fair, but that is just boring. Let me know what you think. 

Upcoming Prizes

12 03 2008

Here’s a little sneak peak at what I have lined up in the prize department.

2007 game used pullover
Cork from 2007 wild card clinching celebration
Shelley Duncan signed bat
MLB 2K8 for PS3
MLB 2K8 for Wii
Another team signed ball 


Random Picture of the Day

12 03 2008

Picture I took after the season last year….

Hand Cramp!

12 03 2008

Just finished a signing with Steiner Sports and Topps. 2,000 signatures in a row can be grueling. Good thing I have a quick sloppy autograph (kidding….well, not really) I’ll be back later with a new song playlist, maybe a random picture of the day, and some photos of upcoming prizes for contests. See ya!


11 03 2008

I didn’t expect Joba, Ian and I to get so many questions about the three of us this spring. We’ve done two tri-interviews the last couple days. The most recent being this afternoon with the YES network. We’ve been asked everything from Joba’s role this season to which nickname we like for the three of us (I think we decided on the three amigos). Check it out if you get a chance. I think it was pretty funny.

What else would you guys like to see out of the blog as the season approaches? I’ll continue with the contests and everything else but if there is something specific let me know. I’ve heard a couple people mention post-game write ups but I think our beat writers do a fantastic job with that. Take care. 

Contest #5 winner

10 03 2008

Wow that took no time at all. Thought I made the questions somewhat hard. We must have some hardcore Office fans. I love it. Congrats to jmulv. You’ll be receiving an email soon. I have some other prizes lined up so it shouldn’t be too long before the next contest. Joba and Ian are set to throw in tonight’s game. Should be a good one. Take it easy.