Guest Blog: Morgan Ensberg

25 04 2008

        Morgan ran across my blog one day and about a week ago asked if he could guest blog. Of course I agreed. Hope you enjoy.


So here we go…
        This is the first time I have ever blogged anything.  To be 100% honest with you, I don’t really know what to write about.  This was an incredible discovery for Seinfeld.  Heck, he made a whole TV show about not having anything to talk about.  But the whole purpose of a blog is to give a point of view and for that matter, give you a point of view about baseball.  So here you go. 
        TV contracts are a really big deal in baseball.  So much so that the umpire at second base has a stop watch and starts it immediately following the last out of the inning.  We all sit and warm up and wait until a minute and 30 seconds (I think that is how long) has passed.  You will see the home plate umpire standing and waiting, the batter will be outside the batters box waiting, and you will see the pitcher standing behind the mound and looking at second base and waiting for the umpire to move back into the outfield or put his hat on (the signal that we have passed the time needed for commercials) and that tell us we can start.  It drives all of us crazy. 
        The next idea that I have is about opposing fans.  I love it when a fan is yelling at me and says something really witty.  Not just yelling to be heard by the people around him, but something really funny.  If it is good, I will laugh at it myself.  I want it to be funny.  But let me tell you this, if you say “you suck” we know that you don’t know what to say and you probably aren’t very funny.  To us it is like saying “um”.  We hear it all the time and it is just a sound with no meaning.  Take your time and don’t get caught up in the moment.  Timing is everything and if you can think of something genuinely funny, you will have my respect. 
Finally, the Office is the greatest show on the planet, and I would like to pose this question to all of you….
Would an average sized row boat support phil and me without capsizing?
        One more thing, I love reading and I really love to read non-fiction.  If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.  Just email Phil and he can pass them on to me.  Hopefully you will send enough recommendations that we shut down the internet!  Later!  Morgan

Guest Blog

25 04 2008

        Just got into the hotel in Cleveland. Guest blog tomorrow by Morgan “The Blowfish” Ensberg. Should be a good one. Time for some sleep.