20 06 2008

The link for my new blog over at yardbarker is…



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20 06 2008


20 06 2008

Ben hamblen likes men

20 06 2008

ben hamblen DOES like men. he also said he would suck paul pierce’s penis if it meant hanging out with him for the day.

20 06 2008

I made my way over there as TorontoMatt.

20 06 2008

Awesome i’ll go over there now…

24 06 2008

sweet. hopefully we’ll be getting more injury updates, contests, and responses! thanks phil.

3 07 2008

Another blog, Phil???? REALLY????

But hey, at least you found one that screens the comments and only allows those who want to suck your rod to post!

I guess it’s not like you have anything else to do. Just out of curiosity, when the Yankees referred to you as “the next Clemens,” … Any idea what in the hell they were talking about???

I assume they meant you’re a ‘roider, or you’re having sex with a 12-year-old, or perhaps that you’re as good as retired… God knows it wasn’t the quality of your pitching.

Enjoy your blogging, Phil… And from the Yankees fans, thanks for nothing, you waste of space, injury-prone, no talent hack!

I cannot believe the Yankee organization refused to deal your sorry ass for Johan Santana!

3 07 2008

Omg! Nicejob34 needs to get a life! Phil probably got another blog space so that stalkers like you might kick sand. This guy sounds like he was beat by phil in pony league and has been butt hurt ever since. I mean, who else would rag on a guy for just trying to be nice to his fans and give free Yankees stuff away. Even if Phil did retire he would have more money banked than you will ever make! Lol! You’re retarded, get a life loser.

4 07 2008

I assume the “super” is sarcastic???

Either that, or the only thing you care about seeing from your team’s players is a bi-monthly blog post…

Either that, or you’re a Red Sox fan, in which case you couldn’t be happier with the way Phil’s career is progressing…

I was actually supposed to face Phil 12 times in Little League, but he missed all 12 games with a skinned knee…

I’d call this idiot the 21-year-old Carl Pavano, but that would be a disgrace to Pavano… After all, Pavano actually has some SKINS on the wall…

Oh wait, so does Phil… I forgot, he was really super in AA for a year!

Way to shoot for the… the… the what??? It wouldn’t be stars or moon…

Way to shoot for the top of that somewhat high hill, Phil.

Don’t worry, “super”… Phil doesn’t even have a degree…

So when he’s back in high school, this time making $27,000 a year to coach the baseball team and hand out basketballs during P.E., you can be one of the 27 people in the stands for his games telling him what a “super” job he’s doing.

5 07 2008

alright brah ima use the same username

11 08 2008

to: bjackmets111,

Just so you know Phil Hughes gets all the mail and comments everyone types!!



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