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17 01 2008

Phil your site is changing rapidly 🙂 Nice theme.. but please let me hook it up.

P.S. for xmas I got a signed baseball it says, #1 draft pick on it. Joba signed my iphone.. I’m hoping you’ll add to it at spring training.. since I sit first row dugout for all day games!

17 01 2008


Thanks for the great year last year. Looking forward to joining my friends to root for you again in Anaheim in 2008 (as a member of the Yanks, of course.) As a NYC native currently residing in SoCal, I can tell you that its the best of both worlds to be able to spend time in both areas (ie In & Out + NYC Pizza).

Go Yankees!

17 01 2008

Hi Phil,

I just launched a new site myself and landed on yours in the process. I get to NYC pretty frequently and have developed a real love for the city and the people in general. Enjoy your off season and Go Yankees in the spring!

17 01 2008

Good luck in ’08 !!!!!

17 01 2008

Good luck in ’08. Glad you are not a Twin!

I have a Yankees blog. Take a look, if you like it please link it.



17 01 2008


It was really a pleasure getting to watch you last year. I grew up in New York, then moved to Southern California for H.S. and college and now I’m back out east in seminary (New Jersey)…anwyay, as with your previous post…I love the Yankees but can’t wait to return to California. There’s nothing quite like living out west (in my opinion).

I also hope you stay a Yankee and hopefully seeing you pitch the last year at Yankee Stadium,


17 01 2008
Mario C.

Phil, big fan. I hope that you can add me to your blog links. If you need any help spicing up the place let me know.

17 01 2008

Hi Phil:

Long time Yankees fan here. Grew up in the Bronx in the 1950s. I’m a Saturday season ticket holder. It’s been great watching the beginning of your career, and I am SO glad that you are still in pinstripes. I’m looking forward to following along with your blog and seeing you this year as we close out the old Stadium, and next year as we move into the new “House that George Built.”

Best of luck. See you in the spring.

Steve N.

17 01 2008

Hey Phil.

Keep up the good work man.

— The iYankees Blog (www.thebronxzoo.wordpress.com

17 01 2008
Rattling the Kettle

Although I’m a Mets fan (and, as a result, a Yankee hater), I’m very pleased to see this site go up, and hope that more players follow your (and Curt Schilling’s) example and start communicating with fans in a direct and honest way (without the media filter, and hopefully without the “take ’em one game at a time” platitudes). Good luck to you. You’re now officially my favorite Yankee (i.e., the one I won’t boo). 🙂

18 01 2008


Welcome to the blogging world, I saw the site last night and I have to tell you it looks 1000X better today. Great job.

Greg Cohen
http://slidingintohome.blogspot.com – A Yankees Blog

19 01 2008
Phil Hughes of the NY Yankees now blogs at Wordpres.com? | Fresh Vision Media

[…] has yet to edit his about page, so you won’t find much there, but he has a handful of posts up with topics ranging from […]

20 01 2008

Hi! I come from Taiwan!
Just like Wang.
You are a great battery! Cheerio!

20 01 2008


My ID says what I think. I hope you stay a Yankee but if you don’t I’ll wish you all the best and root for you because you carry yourself with great class.

I live in Tampa and hope you enjoy living here when not in season.

Looking forward to your blog.

20 01 2008

Hi Phil,
I come from Taiwan.
In my country,we love you very much.
I like your blog.

20 01 2008

Good Luck in the 2008 season and beyond.

And I think “For Whom the Bell Tolls” would be a fine choice. 🙂

21 01 2008

Hi Phil this is Nick . i am a fan from taiwan .
for me. i don’t think we need Satana to join us .
you’re the best ! ! !

oh ~ by the way . you have so many fans in taiwan .

21 01 2008

Hi Phil
Dose, you may feel pretty good and smile that I can leave a message, especially register the English clan for leaving a message, me finally ~^^~
Taiwan time will it be twelve past nine evening, but I from over six o’clock, is it understand English, very straining is it can leave a message to hope justing to try every possible means now.

You new to fall dose appear at newspaper of Taiwan, in Taiwan, have large football fan like you very much very, do not just know English, cannot come up and leave a message, but all refuel for you inside the heart.
I shoot song ball which likes you, you very much very excellently!

Hope my rotten English, you can know how to hope

21 01 2008

I just wanted to welcome our friends in Taiwan. Did Wang, get you interested in Yankee baseball? I hear they show all the games he pitches, do they show other Yankee games?

21 01 2008


I am excited to see yankee management finally getting back to going with home grown talent including yourself. Can’t wait to see what you, Joba and Ian can do in your first full year in the majors.

Keep us updated on how things are goin in preparation for spring training.

21 01 2008
21 01 2008
22 01 2008


Thank your reacting with good intention

Many people all begin to watch the baseball because of him.Chien-Ming Wang

TV will show all Yankee games baseball every day.
The time of Taiwan and U.S.A. is differen,as Phil is on the baseball field at 7 o’clock in the evening, it is 7 o’clock in the morning, have a class、work in Taiwan.

When chien’s has not lose the ball
We like to see other pitchers and Yankees portsmen

They are all very great.

I will have refueled for Phil all the time.

22 01 2008

I cannot wait to join you and Wang’s games in this early May from Taiwan. See you guys there.

22 01 2008

TO yankeechick78 ~
yeah we can see every yankee’s game on espn .

22 01 2008

Yes I am aware of how popular Wang is in Taiwan. I was on a website, the person went to there and took pictures. Wang had endorsements everywhere. It is nice to see that baseball brings people close together.

23 01 2008

There is an exclusive website inside are there are people to share the Impressions about the baseball in English too.
I will go to see people’s impressions, and join discuss of MLB too every day, but not in English (smile)

There is MLB every team, is a website with very abundant content,but compare many people like, still the Yankees and crazy one love Wang.
Originally strange people ,become a friend share the same thing each other, baseball is very happy .

24 01 2008

Hi Phil. I added you as a link and I was hoping you would link me as well. I post every article on the Yankees all on one webpage. I search the internet early in the morning from all sources and post every article. I’ll be posting all 8 minor league box scores as well on a daily basis.


24 01 2008

Hey Phil,

YankeeInsider here. Just wanted to say hello and let you know, your new blog has flourished. If anyone wants to continue to talk Yankee baseball visit Club-Yankees. Good luck in 2008 and Go Yankees!


24 01 2008

Phil, been following you since you were drafted. Keeping fingers and toes crossed that you stick around for the long haul! You have what it takes to play here and you are welcome to put on those pinstripes for the hometeam and pitch for us fans for as long as you want! Its great to see someone who has worked their way to this level still interact with the fans on a casual basis! Make em keep you! (i figure if you win a CY Young this year, they will have to lock you up long term :))

25 01 2008

Phil, I’m a huge Yankees fan living in Columbus, Ohio so I got to see all of the prospects, like Mattingly, Bernie, Jeter…play for the Columbus Clippers before the Yanks. Anyway, I’m a huge Ohio State Buckeyes football fan and wondered what your favorite college football team was? I know Steinbrenner is a Buckeye fan and Jeter is a Michigan fan…

25 01 2008

hi phil,
i have been following you since 2004 and im was so happy that the yankees finally had a nice young pitching prospect. i came to watch you pich agaist the devi rays last year. im a inspiring player myself i play aau in clearwater and i learned a few things watching you pitch. I learned how to drive to the plate something i wasnt able to do now i throw the ball harder and with more accuraccy. I am starting a baseball card collection of you so far i have about 10 of your cards but still no auto they are so ecspesive and i dont have enough to buy one and i dont ahve anything good enough for a trade. i will try to send a card ttm. Thank you hopfully you dont get traded bacause i think one day you will be better than johan santana!

25 01 2008

Hi Phil,
Like everyone else, I’m hoping you are with the Yanks for many years to come. As a fan, it’s nice to see the same players year after year instead of a complete roster change, and the team has needed younger pitchers for awhile…Mo the exception. Good luck and stay healthy for 2008!

25 01 2008

Hey Phil, lifelong Yankee fan here now on a 3-year international assignment to the UK and, like last year, will try, but struggle with, watching the Yanks via mlb.com. Really excited about you, Joba, Ian and the rest of the new crop of talent. Off the wall, but I hope you agree, interesting question, particularly given all the rumors involving you and Santana: If given the opportunity, do you think Cashman and Epstein would trade jobs …?? Might be interesting to start a dialogue on that!

25 01 2008

Hey Phil,

I think that it is awesome that you’ve started this blog. It’s cool that we get to know the real you, not just the Yankees-pitcher you. More Yankees players and just athletes in general should follow your great example.

Thanks for a good season last year. I will look forward to reading your blog!

25 01 2008

Hey Phil,
I am very happy to still have you on our team. I hope that Hank does not get anxious and up the ante for Santana. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great pitcher and every team would love to have him, but it’s refreshing to go into a season with some Homegrown Yankees building their careers and legacy. While winning another championship is always the goal, how you achieve that can be just as satisfying. Speaking as a Yankee fanatic, I would much rather keep the team that we have and let the chips fall where they may. Thank you for doing the best you can for the greatest organization on Earth. I have a 16 month old son who will hopefully grow up watching you pitch in pinstripes. Try to stay grounded as the fame and power of NY can be overwhelming at times. You are on the biggest stage in all the world and something tells me you will meet that challenge with great success. Good Luck. I wish you the best. Manny Carreras

25 01 2008


Good Luck this year with the Yanks. We have followed your career from your days at the Trenton Thunder. (we watched you pitch there). We are glad that the Yankees didn’t trade you. We figure you are going to win at least 15 games for the Yankees this year. Looking forward to an exciting year with you and the other young pitchers.

25 01 2008

I wanted to tell you how excited I am about you and the other young pitchers the Yankees have. The last time I was this excited was the day before my frist Yankee game at the Stadium, sitting in the now blacken center field bleachers watching Mickey Mantle and the other great Yankees beat the Tigers in 1959. Living here in Calif. I don’t get much of a chance to see the Yankees play in person, but always get tickets to see them play the A’s. I hope to see you and the others in Pinstripes for a very long time. I collect for myself, and it is all Yankee material. I have purchased a photo of you, Joba, Ian, and Shelly, dress as the Wizard of Oz charactors. Would it be possible to send it to you and have you sign it along with the others. This old Yankee fan would greatly appreciate it. Thank you, and the best of luck, John Bennett

25 01 2008


I just wanted to take a moment to say that it is our pleasure to get to communicate with a player who is a member of the greatest franchise in the history of professional sports.

We wish you nothing more for you than continued success and happiness throughout your career.

However, I do have one question for you. Is there any meaning or signifigance to you wearing #65, or was it the number issued to you from the beginning, and you decided to keep it?

Again, best of luck to you, and the Yankees in 2008.

Dave Brown (DeBeaux28)

26 01 2008

Thanks for wanting to stay a Yankee. I’ve ben a fan since 1950. Good luck to you and your teamates.

John Hoffner Sr.

26 01 2008

Phil I’m really liking this site, I’m very new to this blog thingy
so I’m having trouble navigating round but I make due.

Anyway great to see your staying in touch with the masses

Aka Pine Tar @

26 01 2008

Hello Phil! Spring Trainning is 3 weeks away! I know that you are in Tampa early to get started. Best of luck with that. It looks like you are staying with the Yankees. I must say that I’m very happy that the Yankees are not trading you and that I look forward to seeing you pitch in 08′ and beyond for the New York Yankees!! Go get that No-No that you almost got last season in Texas!!

26 01 2008

Great blog so far. As a huge Metallica fan, I thought I’d suggest Master of Puppets as entrance music. Not that For Whom the Bell Tolls isn’t awesome, but Puppets will get everyone pumped. Also, didn’t Mientkiewicz use Bells when he came to bat last season?

I’m a big Yankee fan, but I recently moved to Minneapolis–can’t wait to see you guys come to town and beat up on Johann and the Twins.

26 01 2008

if you’re a fan of the office you really need to give the show “arrested development.” everyone I know who is a fan of the office has loved arrested development. watch the first couple of the first season and i’m sure you’ll love it…its a show that you can watch an episode 10 times and still find something new and funny each time…and its a 162 + 11 game season!

thanks for the contest…hope this writer’s strike ends soon and we get some new office!

26 01 2008

Its nice to see athletes connecting with their fans on a very personal level like you have. I only wish more would do the same. I remember meeting you last year at the Scranton/Wilkes Barre Yankees dinner at Ginetti Manor in Scranton. Shelley Duncan told you to sign my friends bald head at the autograph table. I look forward to seeing you pitch in the bronx this year and hope you stay for years to come. (We can sign Santanna when hes a free agent so you dont have to leave us)

27 01 2008

The site is great Phil… I have nothing but good feelings about what you offer the Yankees rotation. I am praying that Johan Santana doesn’t end up in New York at the expense of losing you in our rotation. Good luck this year I will be watching as often as I can. I have been a New York Yankees fan all of my life I am originally from Harlem but I was raised in the Bronx from elementary school to High School. I lived most of my life right across the Concourse a few blocks up from Yankee Stadium so believe me when I say I love the YANKS!!! Stay up.

27 01 2008

You’re the MAN Phil!!

Keep up the good work! And good luck this year!

27 01 2008

Hi Phil~
I watch every single Yankee game! Even when I am at my apt. in LA, I still watch all of the games! (I get the MLB package just because I cannot miss a game!). The winter months go by so slowly!! I always miss my baseball. I also go to 3-4 games a month. I usually manage to get field level seats right by the on-deck circle between Home and First. I have to be close to my Yankee boys!!
I was SO disappointed when you pulled your hamstring and had to leave your no-hitter! That game was amazing! YOU are amazing! I LOVE LOVE LOVE baseball! I grew up watching baseball with my Dad. My name is Rebecca, and my Dad use to call me Ribbie Rebecca-(RBI-get it?). I also played 2nd base softball in high school….I turned some 4-6-3’s back in my day~hahaha!
Best of luck this year~ I cannot wait for the season to start and watch you pitch! (I have a ‘thing’ for hot pitchers!!) I would love to meet you as well.
What do you like most about pitching??

~Rebecca Rowe

28 01 2008

Hi Phil,
I am glad to hear you are healthy and ready for this season. I can’t wait to come down to Tampa for some spring training games. I am a senior at UF (in Gainesville, only about 2 hours north of Tampa) and I am a huge Yankee fan, so hopefully I will be able to make a lot of games. You should take a trip up here. Gainesville is a great college town. Let me know if you are ever up this way, I would love to meet you =)

28 01 2008

Phil is nice to see you might stay with the Yankees…

But I’m concerned, I noticed after your injuries your Fastball lost some speed, it used to be around 94-95 mph, and after it was like 92mph, what do you think of this?

I might start watching The Office xD

28 01 2008

phil, i like the site. i’m ready for the season to start so we can get your take on specific stuff–especially after a big yankees/red sox series. also, i’m ready to see you healthy again. so excited about the trio of hughes/chamberlain/kennedy. about to become the next generation of yankee greats…

well if everybody else is gonna name drop their website, i might as well chime mine in too. http://www.thebigleaguebeat.com. check it out.

28 01 2008

hey bud,

so excited you got a blog! yeah, im a red sox fan, but I have to say I admire your hard work and can’t wait to see ya pitching again!

28 01 2008

Hey Phil,

My name is Fred I’m from Jersey. I’m a diehard Yankee fan. I was at your first major league start. I made sure to keep my ticket so that when you start to dominate in time I will be able to say I saw your first major league game! Since we are close is age, at age 23 I couldn’t image playing for the Yankee’s alongside Jeter A-rod Jorge Mariano and Pettitte. Keep on working, I’ll be cheering you on, good luck in 08. Not gonna lie I also traded a bunch of guys to get you on my fantasy keeper team. Your the man.



I own a window washing and power washing business, if your bored check it out. http://www.clearviewwashing.com It’s no playing for the Yankee’s but i’m proud of it none the less.

30 01 2008

hi phil,

30 01 2008

hey Phil,

I’m a big Yankee fan and long time Thunder Season ticket holder. I had the oppurtunity to talk with you a few times in Trenton. I’m glad to see that your not not leaving for the Twins. I think you are definitely the best pitcher to call the mound at Waterfront Park home.

I remember a few years ago when Jeff Karstens came back to Trenton after struggling early in AAA. I stopped by to say welcome back to Jeff one day that the two of you were charting. Jeff seemed a little down. I told him that you have to learn how to lose in baseball and not let it get you down. All you did was nod your head and say ‘that’s right’. I thought to my self, ‘man you not only have a good work ethic and know how to pitch, but you got a head on your shoulders too.

I want to thank you for the oppurtunity to see you work in the minors and wish you luck and a long successful career with the Yanks.

30 01 2008

Hey Phil, I was wondering if you have seen the updates of your future home stadium. I’m sure you have, but if not check out this page on my blog, it’s updated frequently with photos of the construction of the New Stadium.


31 01 2008

Phil, I can read you are an Office and Food network fan. My wife and I are the same. This strike really stinks. But the Iron Chef does make up for it a little and know Idol.

Have you had any conversations with Joe Girardi yet?
How do you prep for Spring Training?
Since this is the first off season you are that has you slated for the big leagues did you spend anytime talking with Jorge?

Good Luck!!

1 02 2008

Phil, thanks for a great performance in ’07. With all the drama going on, watching you, Joba and Kennedy was really refreshing. I did my hw based on when you, Joba or Kennedy would be pitching. The three of you are going to eat up all my DVR space this spring.

Couldn’t be happier to see Santana go to the Mets, this rotation looks like it could eventually be as good as the Braves trio in the mid-90s. Hopefully this strike ends soon, it’d be nice to have some new Office eps before April.

Good luck in ’08!!

2 02 2008

Hi, Phil!

I come from Taiwan, I am your faithful fan.

Refuels, this year prays for heavenly blessing your to have good
showing, I can continuously refuel for you!

2 02 2008

P, do you need help with your masthead? I can help you out. I’m a professional art director/designer at one of our nation’s most prestigious ad firms. lemme know.

2 02 2008

Dear Mr. Hughes,
I am 9 years old and you are my favorite Yankees player. (My dad is helping me write this to you.) I saw you during batting practice when you were in the outfield. Our family had come to New York for vacation and we went to a Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. Good luck this season! I have three questions to ask you:
1. What is your favorite color?
2. What is your best childhood memory?
3. Would you please send me your autograph?

Thank you,
Sarah (in Ohio)

3 02 2008

hi phil,
this is my 1st comment…i am a native new yorker living in quito, ecuador, south america….i get lots of yankee games on directv and must admit that not since ron guidry have i had the REAL PLEASURE of watching a young pitcher pitch for the yankees like i have with you….i usually like to watch the yankees on offense, but with you on the mound, i really enjoy the way you PITCH, not throw….just want to wish you great success in your 1st full season with the greatest team in pro sports….1 question, how did you feel to relieve someone like roger clemens in game 3 of the alds? did you feel proud, somewhat uncomfortable being that he is a 7-time cy young winner and future hall of famer? anyway, take care of yourself and again the best of luck in 2008

quito, ecuador

5 02 2008

Hello Phil,
I’m sure you’ve heard all this before but I am a long time baseball and Yankee fan. Glad your still here. Iv’e been following you since you were drafted. Let me state that you might want to check out T. Seaver and his deep leg stride delivery. Every kid I’ve taught this to has increased velocity and command of his ptches. Now really Phil check it out. It can’t hurt. Just get a hold of some films and look at it. In addition Goose had a book/pamphlet out yrs. ago about strengthening his legs with a particular exercise where he laid on his back and pressed the Glut muscles tightly to strengthening them. Check this out too. I’ll see you at the stadium (in pinstripes) this year. Im guessing 15-17 wins, 1.05 whip, 180 so., sub 3.50 era. Go get em kid!

8 02 2008

riveraveblues.com has a video up about your wizard of oz affair last year.

11 02 2008

Hey man,
Good luck in the upcoming year. I’ll be driving up several times from virginia to catch a couple games in the bronx. I see your an xbox gamer…if ya ever need someone to play against in halo or anything else just drop me a line. my username is DAMFresh

12 02 2008

don’t do steroids! ever. even if u peter out at 34 stay clean!

14 02 2008

Remember the media is like a crack whore. It will love you when things are good, but the second you are down it will turn on you. Take a page out of Jeter’s book and just play it smooth and easy, never give them a soundbite or anything to latch onto, never get too emotional good/bad.

And if Peter Abraham ever pisses you off, bean him with some high heat. LOL

j/k, big Pete’s a good guy

14 02 2008

friendly fan advice: Fans loveeeee pictures 😉

16 02 2008

Red sox fans talk about yankees losing the ’04 ALCS but i have 2 words for them


16 02 2008

whenever you are in a tight situation just think of something you are looking forward to or picture the pitchers glove as something you hate and throw heat right at it

18 02 2008

Love the site Phil….its great to have a down to earth guy like you on the team! So when are you going to let us in on your Xbox live screen name so we can get on that Halo????

19 02 2008

Very nice blog Phil, im coming down to see the yankees play in tampa on 3/21/08. i would love to see and/or meet you!

20 02 2008


I love the behind the scenes view of an up incoming pitcher with the best sports franchise in all of sports. Hopefully, I win the fleece and I can wear proudly at every Saturday home game in the front row of Section 39. Keep up the good work…

20 02 2008

Congrats Phil! Keep pitching well!

~Scotty Sheahen

20 02 2008

you know whats funny, well i think alot of things are funny but we got a Q&A from Ian when there is no -about you- on the “about me” section……..1. Favorite Baseball Player growing up?

…..Tino Martinez 24

25 02 2008

Hi ~~Phil~~

Asked what you do have to the oneself first complete big alliance ball season to anticipate,

three inspires perhaps the victory throws,

the defense rate king?


Comes from Taiwan’s fan 小琪

26 02 2008

I hope to see you at the Stadium this season, my first trip. Pretty pathetic for a life long Yankees fan.

26 02 2008

Hey Phil – been a Yankees fan since 1964 – grandfather took me to see the Mick play when I was 6yrs old and I was hooked. Just a wish for you and the team to get it done this year – always behind you guys. And tell Andy Petitte that HGH never worked for his heart – he has always had the heart of a Yankee and nothing can affect that – you either have it or you don’t – all you guys have it!!!! Throw hard, throw well, throw like a Yankee. Can’t wait to hit the stadium this year – see ya opening day.

26 02 2008

Phil- saw your first start and been pulling for you ever since. Make me feel better about changing your jersey # – horrible memories of Jared Wright make me cringe everytime I see 34.

27 02 2008

Hey Phil Im a big yankee fan and i just wanna wish ya good luck this season.I live in 165 jerome wich is a couple of blocks away from the stadium and i always go to see the games..GO YANKEES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

27 02 2008

Love you man!

27 02 2008

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3 03 2008

Hey Phil, I am only 11, I know you must get this a lot but I am a diehard yankee fan. I think it’s great you hold the contests, it would mean the world to me if you could reply to me. My email is justin@bigstring.com

4 03 2008

Best of luck this year. I’m a huge fan of yours. I know you’ll kick arse!

4 03 2008

Wow! It’s like I’m actually talking to Phil Hughes! This blog is awesome! Good luck this season, I know you’ll be amazing. Thank God you stayed a Yankee!

(As if you’ll ever respond, but still keeping my hopes up) 🙂

5 03 2008

Good luck Phil, I believe if you stay healthy I think you’ll win at least 15+ wins.

5 03 2008

Oh yea, one more thing if you have time my e-mail is njraf@aol.com,

Thanks buddy !

5 03 2008

Who needs Santana!!! Have a Great Year Phil! Go Yankees!! #27 this Year!

5 03 2008

Hey Phil, i know me and my friends are thrilled your still with the yankees this year….but if you weren’t playing baseball, where would you have liked to go to college?

6 03 2008


Just found out about your blog from the article on you in the NY Post. I must say I’m thrilled that we (the fans of the Yankees) have got you to look forward to this season, along with Ian, and “Justin” Chamberlain. It’s an exciting time to be a Yankee fan.

Plus, with you still in NY and not in Minnesota (a great non-trade), we’ve got a pitcher who can go toe-to-toe with Curt Schilling in the web world!


And best of luck to you and the rest of the team this season.


6 03 2008

I was lucky enough to be at your 1st Major League start at Yankee Stadium. I have a feeling it will be something I can brag about in years to come.
Good luck,

7 03 2008

Just wanted to say hello,

I stumbled across your blog doing media monitoring at work. Hope you have a great year and I’m looking forward to more updates. I was planning on seeing you play when you were at Syracuse last year, but didn’t make it. Hope you have a great year and I’ll try to make a game at the stadium this year!

7 03 2008

I’m so glad that they kept all of you guys. I’m more excited about this year than I’ve been in a long time. Can’t wait to watch you guys dominate!!!!

9 03 2008

I’m a huge Yankees fan and I just recently found about your website. I think it’s really awesome that you interact with fans!

9 03 2008

Hey Phil,

I know you haven’t pitched that long for the yankees yet, but I’m a big fan of you’re pitching, especially the explosive movement you have on your fastball and your control. Keep up the good work, and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

10 03 2008

Hey Phil, I’m 13 and i’m a huge fan, please read this. To start, i saw some of the highlights from your game against the Twins the other day, O Hits in 4 innings, if it was a real game and Joe G. left you in, maybe you would’ve finished what you started in May against the Rangers( Hopefully this time minus the injury.) I also noticed you changed your jersey # from 65 to 34, is there a special reasoning behind that. What did you think of Roger clemens? was he helpful and do you think he had any influence on you? and lastly with all this steroid drama going on, i urge you to never take steroids, you’d lose a lot of fans and a lot of respect, even if you’re playing badly, you already proved you have the talent, just please never take those damn steroids.

10 03 2008

hey good luck in ’08
bring something special to the Yanks this year, because its the last one at the real stadium

11 03 2008

i had my fantasy baseball draft last night. i’ve put a lot of stock in the yankee “underground” (what i call the young guys on the team). you, cano, ike, joba, then i got jorge, jeter, wang, and giambi as well. good luck this season. win me some money! 🙂

11 03 2008

You know what’s cool?

your fastball

love it

Phil, I wish you the best and hope you get me jumping from my couch again like I was in ’96.

13 03 2008


I was curious; if one of us were to stump you with a trivia question from The Office, would we win anything like, I dunno, a signed ball or something?

Oh, and I know everyone’s been praising Shelley for his high slide. I’ll chime in with them, and point out that it wasn’t even THAT bad. I’m just glad he stuck up for Francisco like that. Personally, what I thought the best part was, was that Joe Girardi looked like the first person out of the dugout to break up the scrum! What’s it like having him as a manager this year as opposed to Joe Torre? So far, from what we’ve all been able to read in the tabloids, it seems to be a night-and-day difference in terms of “fire.”

Hope you enjoy Billy’s time in the field and at the plate tonight. I think it’s awesome that the Yanks are doing that for him, and shame on anyone who thinks it’s a “disgrace.” He’s gonna get what? An at-bat? In spring training? Whose chances is that really going to hurt?

(And I’m serious about that Office trivia question:-))

14 03 2008

oh let that fastball move!

15 03 2008

Phil Hughes ’08 – 17-8 3.44 ERA 180 IP 120 K 65 BB 1.18 WHIP

15 03 2008

Hughes you’re the man for doing this.
Good Luck in your career and im glad, as is everyone else, that you’re staying a yankee!

17 03 2008

Hey Phil is their any symbolic reason you changed your number too 34? I read that you wore it in high school.

19 03 2008

Mr. Phil Hughes……

one of the biggest heartbreaks that i endured last season was when you popped your hamstring in your second career start.

I have NO DOUBT that you would of completed the NO HITTER that night in Texas….

Your stuff was electric and Texas had never seen you before………It was def gonna happen……..ohh well…….it sucked but maybe the experience will help make you a better pitcher in the long run……

anyways phil, I know that you are gonna be a winning pitcher and a key piece to a WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP here in the bronx……..I have been following you since 2004 and have a great season

20 03 2008

Where are ye???? Sulking over the rocking you took yesterday???? That is two in a row. You better work harder because there is a guy in Pt. St. Lucie that is looking pretty good and you are not. Stop believing your press clippings and start working puss boy!

23 03 2008

Hey Wine-0 24,

Quit wasting space on the internet with your nonsense!!!

24 03 2008

Hi Phil,

Philippines love Yankee. Im a filipina and a big Yankee fan just came here 6 monts ago. Found out you have a blog yesterday on YES show. Im glad and happy to know.

Good luck to you and Justine (“Joba”) too , you are both my favorites. Oh love his name.

I hope you will pitch or Joba on my first visit to Yankee stadium. It will be my first time to watch a game live here in USA.

24 03 2008

Hey Phil! I love your blog! lol. I was watching pride power pinstripes on YES! and saw u n joba ❤ n Ian on there and saw that you had a blog so I had to find it! I like that you actually post almost everyday too! It shows that your a real person unlike some other people who just let everything get to their heads!

I hope you pitch when I come on June 4th for my birthday this year! I can’t wait I’m going to be 17 and I only wanted to go to a yankee game so I’m bringing some friends and were going to see my favorite team in the world! I cannot wait! If your not up there I hope I can meet you when your down here! woot! I can’t wait! lol

Well I got to go watch kids

25 03 2008

Good luck this year, hope you can have more games like the one against texas minus the injury. Also got married on the same day you turned 21. My wife and I are Huge yankee fans and even had a baseball themed wedding. We were even more stoked to find out our anniversary is shared with your birthday. My wife even gave me an autographed baseball that you signed as my wedding gift. Look forward to reading your bloch throughout this year.


26 03 2008

Hey Phil,

Are you thinking of pulling any April Fool’s pranks in the clubhouse this year?

The blog is great & good luck this season!


31 03 2008

whats up phil im a big time fan of yours hope you can help lead this team to a 27 ring and i hope you go and show why your one of the best young pitchers……

3 04 2008

Hey Phil,

Have a great game tonight! (And tell your hitting teammates to pick it up! They’re better than they’ve shown!)

Go get ’em!


4 04 2008

Great Job Phil! Way to get the job done. I love your blog thanks so much for making it. Have a good day.


4 04 2008

Great work last night Phil. You know, I’ve been a Yankee fan for 28 years and the media pressure, great expectations and fickle fan-dom hasn’t changed much. But the way that you just shut it all out, play the game the way it’s meant to be played and look like you have fun doing it… it’s great. You’re a throwback to the old pitching greats and I love that you’re 21 and killing it. Keep your head up, keep working the chin to toes curve, perfect that changeup (still needs a little work) and when you hit a little skid this season (you will, it always happens) remember… you are the future of the Yankees, so you don’t need to be PERFECT now… forget what everyone else has to say. Thanks.

4 04 2008

Hey, you’re kind of a big guy. Like me.

We should hang out at In-n-Out Burger together. You could bring Giambi.

Good times.

4 04 2008

you’re exactly what the yankees need

5 04 2008

phil, i was wondering if u had a girlfriend? ❤

8 04 2008

Hey phil I been a fan of yours since u came up last year ur my favorite amigo and im glad we kept u around instead of trading for johan. Your gonna be a star in the very near future. Can’t wait to watch you pitch agian. Stay up.

10 04 2008

Phil, I can’t wait to see what you and the rest of the young guns will bring to this season! You guys give me hope that this year is going to be more special than any other year I can remember. Granted, this is the last year of Yankee Stadium but I think there is something special in the air in NY…good luck this season! I’ll be watching! 🙂

14 04 2008

hey phil, iam a huge fan of the yankees ive been since i was born pretty much when i was 6 months old i was dressed in yankees clothes. iam also a big fan of yours too, your going to be great this yr and years to come. im 14 and i play baseball also i one day hope to be in the big leagues like you and as young as you in the majors. you will do great this year and i wish you nothing but the best!

14 04 2008

how’s your changeup coming along? That pitch is the difference between a good pitcher and a great pitcher, as well as fastball command.

keep it up. it’s so amazing that you’re the youngest pitcher in the majors. wow!

15 04 2008

My brother Frankie knows you. I am his younger sister who is a HUGE fan. :):)GOOD LUCK WITH EVERYTHING

17 04 2008

just wanted to say i think its so cool that you are from so.cali! im from cali as well but i was raised on yankee baseball since the day is was born! its great we have some new blood this year and i know you’ll do great! good luck and best wishes!

24 04 2008

Hey Phil. Good luck for tonight.

Songs of the month:
Down in Mexico (The Coasters)
Heartland (U2)
In the Blink of an Eye (K.O.L.O.)
Love You More (Racoon)
Marker In The Sand (Pearl Jam)
Memories (The Mars Volta)
Portland, Oregon (Loretta Lynn)
Something 4 the Weekend (Super Furry Animals)
Tick Tick Boom (The Hives)
Through the Fire and Flames (DragonForce)
Waiting Here (Buckethead, Serj Tankian)

1 05 2008

Hey Phil

I hope you get your Right Oblique gets better so you help the Yankees to get back into winning the Division and the World Series this year. I was kind of worried that you might be sent down to the minors. I hope things will be all right you and the Yankees once you get Healthy and start pitching again.

So, Good Luck, and Hoping to see you on the Mound Soon

10 08 2008

Hey phil
Am a #1 yankee fan here. My hole family is from New york but i grew up in New Jeresy the way i got to ur website is from my favorite show Yankees on deck I say to everyone my favorite pitcher is Philp hughes and Joba u have a sick house I witch MLB baseball almost every night if u want to email me or something like that email me at


I no i have a mess up email

10 08 2008

O good luck if u r pitching tonight

11 08 2008

This website is for Phil Hughes fans and Yankee fans!!

11 08 2008


Just so u no i accidently emailed u to phughes34@gmail.com. if it is from fouryankeefans, it is from me

just to let u no


13 08 2008

hey phil… wats up????
how are you feeling????
i watch yankees on deck all the time.. i love it… you are my FAVORITE yankee pitcher besides andy pettite… you are amazing..
when you get a chance, can you PLEASE e-mail me..
( i sent you an e-mail at phughes34@gmail.com)

22 08 2008

dear derekandrodriguezfan213,

your not the only one…. i did that too… i am an a-rod fan, too. i also am a phil hughes and jeter.


22 08 2008


i am sorry i spelt your username wrong….. sorry

27 09 2008

hey phil i know you guys arent making the playoffs this year but i am glad the sox arent winning the division. If i ever go to a yankee game i have always wanted to get a signed ball from alex rodriguez and Derek jeter. That what i have always wanted.

20 07 2009

Hey Phil,
Are you okay with all the popularity of you relieving?
Do you ever get tired of it?
I think you are remarkable as a starter and reliever, which one are you most comfortable as?

20 07 2009

Good Luck with in the 2009 season.
I know your gonna do awesome! 🙂 🙂 🙂
You Rock!!!!!!!!
Your #1 Fan,

3 10 2009

Hey Phil
Like the new Mustache your growing.
How much fun did u have the day the Yankees clinched the AL East??
I was so happy when they won.
And I could see you were very happy. haha

10 10 2013
Thaline Larocca

I love u Phil, you are damn pretty, I am a brazilian yankee fan and one day I will be in Ny to see u. Kisses

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